News | September 7, 2023

Brainly Enrolls New AI-Powered Tools For More Personalized And Accessible Learning


Leading the AI revolution in education, Brainly announced the addition of AI Tutor, AI-powered answers and other new features to its platform. Learners can now seamlessly transition between AI-powered assistance (AI Tutor) and Live Expert support to get access to instant support, whether through AI-guided learning or real-time interactions with a human expert.

Brainly also launched two additional AI-enabled features: AI-powered answers, which are provided when students can’t find an answer in Brainly’s community-driven Knowledge Base, and Dive Deeper, which shares AI-generated trivia and fun facts about a subject – similar to a sidebar in a textbook sharing interesting information about the topic being discussed in that chapter.

“Brainly has helped so much with math. I would get stuck on a question, and it would take a long time to finish my assignments. I really appreciate the Scan to Solve feature where it pulls up several explanations, so I could find the one that matches my learning style.” – Hannah, college freshman

Every day, 1.5 billion students need help learning – and Brainy, the No. 1 app in the world for Homework Help, is designed to help them boost their understanding of school subjects and, ultimately, achieve higher grades. Its recent research surveying U.S. middle and high school students confirms that students are actively seeking outside help:

  • 79% of kids in grades 6-12 seek outside help with after-school homework and studying
  • 67% of students used AI to help with schoolwork over the last year
  • The majority of students (59%) are likely to use AI to help with schoolwork this year
  • 65% expect the use of AI to improve their grades
  • Most students are using AI to confirm their answers are correct (38.6%) and explain answers (23%)

Powered by generative AI technology, the new AI Tutor product leverages Brainly's extensive Knowledge Base of over 250 million moderated answers. Its personalized learning support caters to the needs of all students by offering more than just answers to their questions. Many students face challenges comprehending concepts introduced in the classroom and need guidance to independently solve problems. AI Tutor bridges this gap, offering a personalized, interactive and fun learning experience that provides accurate answers and facilitates a deeper understanding and problem-solving skills.

“The thing that has been super helpful is the ability to Simplify and /or Expand answers that you find. I'm one of those people where a simple answer usually doesn't explain enough for me, and I don't fully understand it. So being able to expand an answer has been helpful because I get step-by-step explanations on everything I'm struggling with.” – Sophia, high school junior

In addition to the new AI-enabled features – AI Tutor, AI-powered answers and Deeper Dive – Brainly’s Homework Help platform leverages Expert-Verified answers from the community to answer students’ questions. With the help of Ginny, Brainly's AI guide, Learners can explore the Simplify and Expand answer options to receivepersonalized content based on their understanding of a topic.

“From day one, our approach to building Brainly has been to foster independent thinking and encourage more curiosity and engagement, enhancing students' learning experience,” said Bill Salak, Chief Technology Officer of Brainly. “Whether they tap into our community-driven Knowledge Base or our new AI-powered features, Learners decide how they want to access homework help. They can ask for step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem, seek follow-up questions to further their understanding of a topic or dive deeper into a subject and figure out how to solve problems independently. All within a judgment-free, secure environment.”

For more information, please see Brainly’s blog post here.

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Brainly, the world's No. 1 app for homework help, is leading the AI revolution in education. The AI-powered technology, connected to Brainly’s Knowledge Base of over 250 million moderated answers, gives every student 24/7 access to personalized learning assistance, enabling them to receive verified and tailored answers to their homework and study questions. Hundreds of millions of students, parents, and educators rely on Brainly as the proven platform to accelerate understanding and learning. Based in Kraków, Poland, with offices in New York City and Barcelona, Brainly apps and websites are visited by users from over 35 countries. Brainly is backed by Prosus, Point Nine Capital, General Catalyst, Runa Capital, Learn Capital and Kulczyk Investments. Learn more about Brainly at

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