Computer Furniture

Source: Virco Inc.
Computer Furniture
This company offers a variety of computer furniture to suit contemporary technology-based environments
This company offers a variety of computer furniture to suit contemporary technology-based environments.

New Mojave Business Solutions furniture offers a variety of workstation configurations and allows users to configure freestanding desks, as well as desking-system or panel-system applications, with components from a single product line. The furniture features a power/communications infrastructure that enables electrical and data lines to be independently organized, while providing space to place surge protectors. Also offered with this system is an optional four-circuit power harness, with two circuits having isolated grounds for sensitive applications. The furniture is available in a variety of colors for its paint and trim, screen, and banding and laminate components.

The new Mojave desking system offers 57 work surface shapes and sizes for flexibility in computer labs, media centers, tech labs, and other learning and working environments. The system's surfaces are adjustable from 24- to 31-in. in height and can be partitioned by using easily installed vertical screens to create focused workstations. It also offers a power/communication infrastructure that provides separate raceways with metallic barriers between power cords and communication cables. An optional 4-circuit power harness is also available. It is available in in-stock and custom colors.

Future Access computer furniture (pictured here) offers a variety of layout options for technology-based learning environments. The furniture features space-saving half round tables, enabling the creation of islands and peninsulas that help students work collaboratively. The furniture also offers 1.125-in. thick tops that are finished with a Grey Nebula high-pressure laminate. A wire management panel is standard on all tables to facilitate the routing of cables. Frame finish is available in char black.

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