Freeware | January 11, 2000

DazzlerMax Deluxe

Source: MaxIT Corporation
DazzlerMax is a family of software products that allows you to author multimedia content for almost any purpose. All the products have been designed with ease-of-use in mind. No need to learn a programming or scripting language and DazzlerMax comes with a feature set that BEATS other tools costing 3 times more.

DazzlerMax acts as the glue for assembling all your multimedia elements. Text, sound, pictures, video, animations, streaming multimedia (Real Audio, Real Video, Flash, Shockwave…) and even Internet pages can be incorporated into your presentations. Just drag and drop the appropriate icon. It's all accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse. Even TV-style 3D effects are possible

If you need sophisticated authoring power without the learning pain, this technology is the tool for you.