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Edbit Launches Three Products To Empower The Education Industry With Crypto And Blockchain Solutions

Edbit empowers education startups with blockchain solutions via its products: Edbit Credentials, Edbit Wallet, and Edbit NFTs. The Edbit Credentials provide a complete system to issue official records using a blockchain-anchored format that is instantly verifiable anywhere in the world. The Blockchain credentials are a secure key that gives access to a tamper-proof and directly verifiable certificate from anywhere in the world.

Windermere, FL (PRWEB) - Blockchain encrypted systems and Cryptocurrencies have grown tremendously in recent years; they have become constant terms within society in general, as they set new standards and break with the old parameters in which funds and assets are conceived. This is essential, since money is decentralized; its backing systems go beyond having a piece of paper in hand or a certain amount in a bank account.

Technological advances and intelligent software have made it possible to create cryptocurrencies that offer their holders more significant support. The blockchain carries out procurement, verification, and transaction processes with highly secure encryption.

If the economy and the market move today around the investment and management of this type of assets, is it not necessary that the education industry also open the doors to innovation and the significant advantages they offer? Today we introduce you to Edbit's sophisticated blockchain solutions for students, employees, and traders.

Edbit Credentials: Issue Verifiable Digital Records.
The Edbit Credentials provide a complete system to issue official records using a blockchain-anchored format that is instantly verifiable anywhere in the world. As a result, Edbit offers K12 schools, higher education institutions, corporate training, students, and employees a unique system. It allows them to more efficiently and securely access and manage their internal paperwork, records, diplomas, or other documents of interest through blockchain-anchored credentials.

The Blockchain credentials are a secure key that gives access to a tamper-proof and directly verifiable certificate from anywhere in the world. Students and employees can freely use this key. In addition, employers or third parties can access and verify the certificates with a single click, without any particular technical need: its authenticity is guaranteed by nature.

Lyana has recently graduated from college and receives an official copy of her digital diploma, issued by the university containing her keys. She can choose to present her diploma to anyone—like a potential employer—who can independently verify the issuer of the diploma, the time of issuance and its status (valid, expired or revoked).

How does it work?

  • School invites student to receive a blockchain credential via the Edbit Portal.
  • Student accepts the invitation, sending school their blockchain address.
  • School hashes the credential onto the blockchain.
  • School sends student a blockchain credential to their mobile app.
  • Student sends credential to verifier (employer).

Edbit Wallet: create custom wallet or connect external wallet, earn rewards, receive salary. The Edbit wallet provides users with access to truly decentralized exchanges, allowing them to swiftly and effectively convert their tokens. A user can stake, hold, and trade using the Edbit Wallet, which demonstrates that the Edbit Wallet supports a large number of chains.

Edbit offers schools the use of a unique token called Edbit that facilitates, simplifies, and offers greater security to payment processes.

The Edbit wallet application offers the ability to:

  • Create a custom wallet or connect external wallets.
  • Earn rewards by completing a course, watching a video, or performing a training.
  • Receive your salary from your school or organization in cryptocurrency.

Edbit coin is used by eight successful educational startups nationwide, with more than 5 million users successfully integrated into the Edbit wallet. Its high independent verification system and support are gaining the trust of more users every day. Below is the projection growth based on the number of startups that will join the Edbit ecosystem over the years.

A world that is moving to the virtual environment every day.
The advantage of using the Edbit Coin is that it allows the acceleration of payment from one transaction to another without additional costs due to its decentralized nature, which does not depend on a banking entity.

In addition, it allows students, schools, and employees new ways of trading with more excellent financial benefits. It is because it gives them access to both Cryptocurrency and NFTs, with which they can manage investments, trade in Forex, buy goods, and pay for services. It gives them a new range of possibilities.

Edbit NFTs: discover, collect and sell digital assets
Edbit Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind, transferable assets created on the blockchain. These tokens may be connected to anything in the Edbit. Our NFTs' basic characteristics provide them a distinct value and categorically distinguish them from other forms of assets. These characteristics include verifiably uniqueness and indivisibility. Because the underlying code is transparent, the scarcity and ownership of any given token can be determined without the use of a trusted middleman. The rise of NFTs, in our opinion, is part of a larger paradigm shift away from centralized to decentralized systems.

This platform is now allowing makers of digital collectibles to experiment with new revenue strategies and use it as a payment system. Each underlying token has a genome that specifies its look, characteristics, and origin.

Advantages of Edbit solutions for education
Easy to use: the functions of Edbit solutions can be accessed through the app in a secure and documented manner, with no limits on the use or additional charges.

Cost-effective: transactions in Edbit Coin and NFTs are done quickly, thus reducing time and money expenses.
Better savings plan: It allows users to invest and manage funds properly. In addition, they have access to the stock market for trading, which has made this cryptocurrency one of the preferred options for traders this year.

Maximum security and reliability: the high encryption of the blockchain-anchored credentials and the Edbit coin ensures a system protected against forgery or fraud. Furthermore, it protects users' data without exposing it to third-party threats.

Immediate availability: Edbit digital credentials can be shared an unlimited number of times in all formats: social and professional networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), CV, PDF, QR code, or simply an email.

They integrate seamlessly with your students' LinkedIn profiles for maximum visibility and opportunities.

If you want to know more about all the Edbit platform's advantages for education, access our website at and discover other intelligent options.

Be part of the change toward a virtual world with incredible benefits!

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