Company Profile | December 22, 2000

Star Micro Technologies, Inc

Source: Star Micro Technologies, Inc.
Star Micro Technologies, Inc Star Micro Technologies does not believe in a large staff; instead, each and every member gives their best everyday. Star Micro Technologies values each and every employee-- they are our biggest assets.

Our core values involve providing and finding value without cutting corners. We strive to provide total perfection for our customers.

Star Micro Technologies offers top-quality components from the best companies in the industry, and our goal is for our customers to rely on the fact that all products purchased from us are of the highest standards and reliability.

We believe Star Micro Technologies can be the one and only stop for your networking needs. Star Micro Technologies has the experience to be "The Complete Networking Solution."

Founded in 1995, Star Micro Technologies, Inc. is a leading Internet Superstore. We are one of the first large-scale networking distributors to embrace the Internet as a medium for conducting commerce. And, since our overhead is the lowest in the industry, we pass those savings on to our customers, in the form of the lowest discounted prices to be found anywhere.

At Star Micro Technologies, these discounts are available on every products, encompassing hardware, software, accessories, and networking products.