News | October 30, 2023

TeachFlows Launches Suite Of AI Tools To Change How Educational Resources Are Created

Sydney (BUSINESS WIRE) - TeachFlows launched new AI-driven products today that simplify the creation of learning content for teachers, making TeachFlows one of the first AI-powered design platforms to focus exclusively on educators.

“TeachFlows redefines how resources are created,” said Founder Himanshu Singh. "We believe that teachers already possess the ultimate teaching tool—their creativity—and TeachFlows harnesses that creativity in a way that is intuitive, fast, and fun.”

Instant Creation of Auto-Scoring Assessments
The suite of new products introduces tools like Magical Questions, which generates questions on any topic. Magical Questions goes beyond generative chatbots by auto-formatting the questions as a worksheet and allowing teachers to add multiple-choice, single-answer, or open-ended questions to test students’ knowledge.

An Interactive Approach to Planning and Running Lessons
With the new Lesson Plans tool, TeachFlows is excited to introduce a seamless approach to lesson delivery. Unlike tools that only provide static designs, TeachFlows Lesson Plans creates everything a teacher needs: from learning objectives and activity guides to helpful links to videos, PDFs, and websites. Teachers can enter their lesson topic and an in-depth, editable plan will be generated.

A Generative Tool That Sparks Ideas
With Flowcharts, teachers can expand students' initial ideas with a click to create an evolving brainstorm. Whether they’re planning lessons, mapping out ideas, or exploring complex concepts, the user-friendly interface allows teachers to pick from various styles to bring ideas to life.

High-Speed Design of Engaging Activities
With the release of Puzzles, teachers can create crosswords and word searches in seconds. Teachers can paste in their own word list or generate words based on the topic of their choice.

Other products include auto-generated reading and writing activities and instant algebra, geometry, and arithmetic assignments.

TeachFlows’ learning content creation tool combines the creativity of teachers with the magic of machine learning, allowing them to build resources quickly and bring even more moments of joy and discovery into teaching.

Pricing and availability:
TeachFlows is currently accepting signups for the early access version at During this period, select teachers and schools are able to access the full suite of products entirely free. School administrators can contact the TeachFlows team to explore custom solutions at

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