News | October 9, 2018

Acer Repair Certification eLearning Program Builds Students' STEAM Skills, Engagement

Acer America has established the Acer Repair Certification eLearning Program so that high schools in the United States and Canada using Acer devices can implement a student-led program to learn more about technology and develop transferrable skills while making repairs to Acer devices. While expanding their knowledge and interest in technology, students develop foundational skills for employment and may consider secondary education goals for a career after high school.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) - Acer today is making available its new Acer Repair Certification eLearning Program to education accounts in the United States and Canada, giving high school students the opportunity to explore technology and build transferrable skills in a hands-on setting.

As part of Acer’s ongoing initiative to help schools establish a range of programs in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) disciplines, Acer developed the Repair Certification eLearning Program so students can learn to perform basic hardware repairs on Acer devices deployed in their school. While expanding their knowledge and interest in technology, students develop foundational skills for employment and may consider secondary education goals for a career after high school.

In addition, the program partners with education accounts to develop an experienced team of knowledgeable students to assist school technical staff in maintaining their fleet of Acer C738T Chromebooks, the first Acer product qualified for this program.

In the Repair Certification eLearning Program, students learn about Chromebook component functions, component replacement, post-repair quality assurance and hardware reconfiguration. Students interact with eLearning modules that include videos, resource materials and assessments to ensure student success. The modules promote student engagement using gaming elements like points, badges and leader boards.

After passing all online tests, students must demonstrate their technical skills for a local school staff member by replacing either the mainboard or the LCD screen. While observing the student, the staff member completes the final assessment to determine if the student has acquired the necessary skills to safely and effectively replace the component in accordance with the best practices presented in the course. Successful students earn the title of Acer Service Chromebook Repair Techspert.

“Acer is committed to bringing innovative products, services and programs to K-12 education that help students learn and engage while in school to ultimately achieve more beyond the classroom,” said James Vick, vice president, customer service, Acer America. “The Acer eLearning Repair Program fills an important need in high schools – it teaches students in grades 9-12 a skill that typically isn’t part of the standard curriculum, it gives students a chance for hands-on learning, and it also helps them develop a transferrable skill that can be incredibly useful in future endeavors.”

The Acer eLearning Repair Program is self-paced and flexible, so students can fit it in to their busy schedule between classes and after-school activities. Students can learn the material at their own pace, pause a lesson and resume it later, or review and repeat content as needed.

The program was developed with input from experts in different disciplines – education, training, technology, quality assurance and more. Several high schools have already initiated pilot programs and already have students assisting the IT teams on repairs of Acer C738T Chromebooks.

“The Acer Repair Certification eLearning Program is a great solution for Temple Independent School District,” said Luann Hughes, Director of Technology, Temple Independent School District. “Both our school's IT team and the Student Technology and Repair team are benefitting from this training. It is a great resource - not only for troubleshooting, but also for providing real-life experience in getting our students ready for the work force.”

For more information, schools can contact Acer Education at

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