News | April 25, 2024

Aurora Institute Launches State Policy Recommendations Calling On Policymakers To Transform K-12 Education

Arlington, VA /PRNewswire/ - With the goal of transforming the K-12 education system to provide every learner with an engaging, future-focused, and empowering education, the Aurora Institute has today launched its annual state policy priorities.

The Aurora Institute's state policy recommendations focus on a set of six policy areas geared at transforming the nation's K-12 education system to be more relevant, equitable, and effective. Taken together, the policy priorities challenge lawmakers and education decision-makers to wield their influence and take advantage of opportunities to disrupt the traditional one-size-fits-all model of K-12 teaching and learning and unleash learning from the confines of place and time. The priorities include:

  • Establishing a vision by developing a Profile of a Graduate
  • Creating the conditions for equitable learner-centered, competency-based education systems
  • Transforming systems of assessments
  • Aligning accountability and data systems
  • Supporting educators to thrive in a competency-based system
  • Redesigning learning experiences

"This set of policy recommendations allow state policymakers to set the stage for advancing more equitable and effective K-12 systems that are personalized to the needs of each learner," said Virgel Hammonds, CEO of the Aurora Institute. "This set of policy recommendations allows state policymakers to create the conditions to enable such a future."

At the state level, the Aurora Institute conducts policy analysis and provides recommendations to governors, state legislators, education agencies, state boards, education leaders, and other local policymakers to work together with their communities to transform education systems; advance competency-based education systems and align pathways; build capacity by investing in people, rethink accountability and assessment, and advance educational equity.

Download our 2024 state policy recommendations for a full analysis of these issues. Policymakers at all levels are encouraged to contact the Aurora Institute for more information or assistance.

Source: Aurora Institute

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