Beyond Books Selected for Intel's Model School Program

Source: Beyond Books

New Forum Publishers, Inc. is excited to announce the selection of its Beyond Books on-line curriculum content for inclusion in the Intel Model School Program. The selection was officially announced at the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Instructional Technology Conference, held on October 10th and 11th for approximately 4,500 educators from the Miami-Dade area.

Intel's Model School Program will match schools across the country with a select group of Application Service Providers (ASPs) and computer manufacturers to provide students and educators with a unique opportunity to apply for grants for computer equipment, participate in a discounted PC purchase program, and to be matched with the appropriate ASP for special online educational tools.

James S. Cassano, CEO and founder of Beyond Books' parent company, New Forum Publishers, says, "Written by teachers for teachers, Beyond Books programs are an ideal resource for educators. We know their classroom needs, and we designed our curriculum content and teacher resources to exceed them. For us, education is about empowering teachers and students. We are delighted that Intel chose us for these reasons."

Beyond Books is an online source of educational content -- intended for use by students and teachers in grades 6-12 -- that fulfills state and national curriculum standards. The content provided by Beyond Books includes lessons that deepen and expand upon traditional classroom instruction. The programs give teachers a simple and affordable way to plug the classroom into the world of the Internet without the need for long, drawn-out training sessions. In addition, Beyond Books provides students with a safe and universally accessible outlet that encourages learning. Beyond Books programs are designed to give students ownership of the depth and breadth of their educational exploration using a medium they know and prefer.

For more information about the Intel Model School Program, visit their new website at or call 888/689-8070. For a tour of Beyond Books, go to and visit the "Live Tour" section.