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Burris Computer Forms® Announces New Product Line For Schools - Ride Release Id Forms™

Roanoke, VA /PRNewswire/ - Burris Computer Forms is introducing a new product line for schools - Burris Ride Release ID Forms. The forms are designed to assist schools in safely dismissing students to their parents or guardians in an orderly, efficient manner.

The products do this by helping school staff match students with their parents or guardians who are picking them up.

Ride Release ID Forms products are made with durable cardstock which should last the full school year. Administrators and staff can customize and print the forms in-house (in-school) using inkjet or laser printers. They can be printed using Burris' free templates available online, or with specially-designed industry software.

The forms arrive blank, giving schools flexibility to personalize their own hangers to reflect the information deemed necessary for a safe and effective dismissal.

The product line include these product options:

  • Ride Release ID Hanger
  • Ride Release ID Hanger with Detachable ID Card
  • Ride Release ID Dash Card
  • Ride Release ID Student Tag
  • Ride Release ID Student Stickers.

The Ride Release ID Hanger and Ride Release ID Hanger with Detachable ID Card are designed to hang from a parent or guardian's rearview mirror.

The Ride Release ID Dash Cards can be displayed on a parent or guardian's dashboard, where an administrator can easily view student information. A large dash version offers a larger card to offer greater visibility for teachers and administrators.

The Ride Release ID Student Tag includes a small hole to allow the tag to be attached to a student's backpack, lunchbox, laptop bag or jacket. (Optional ties are available.) When used in conjunction with the Ride Release ID Dash Cards or Hangers, these student tags can assist in after-school dismissal by adding an extra safety step of identification.

During the beginning of a new school year, students can wear the Ride Release ID Student Sticker. The Ride Release ID Student Stickers are blank stickers which can be safely affixed to clothes. Teachers can include a student ID number, name and other pertinent information about each child on the sticker, offering an easy way for teachers and staff to identify new students.

For more information about Ride Release ID Forms, click here. To request free samples, click here. For assistance or information on any other Burris products, call 800-982-FORM (3676), email or visit

About Burris Computer Forms
Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, Burris Computer Forms was founded in 1992 and is privately owned. Burris Computer Forms is a pioneer in the print-your-own forms industry, offering a wide selection of other customizable printable products, including Peel Out!® Shipping Label Sheets – a combination sheet and label used to streamline shipping, or for mailing PC-printed letters with an integrated address label. Ride Release ID Forms, Peel Out! Shipping Labels Sheets, and Burris Computer Forms are trademarks of Jerry Guzi & Company.

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