News | August 25, 2023

CodeHS Launches AI-Powered Hints To Support Educators & Students In The Computer Science Classroom

AI is a powerful tool that can be used to support teachers in identifying learning needs and quickly providing individualized feedback for students.

Chicago, IL /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - CodeHS, a leading K-12 computer science teaching platform and curriculum provider, has developed new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to better support teachers and elevate the learning experience for students on the CodeHS platform.

While personalized feedback positively increases student learning outcomes, teachers often have limited time to provide feedback that meets the varying needs of large groups of students. These AI features are designed to speed up the process of identifying student errors, formulating feedback, and assigning grades. With the introduction of the Artificial Intelligence Beta tools, CodeHS aims to provide educators with tools that streamline their workflows and offer enhanced support to students in real-time.

CodeHS is currently developing AI tools to streamline teacher workflows for feedback and grading.

  • AI Hints will identify errors in student code and generate a suggested hint for teachers to send to students. This will allow teachers to quickly give large groups of students more individualized and targeted feedback during the learning process.
  • AI Grade Suggestions will identify student errors once students have submitted an assignment. It will also explain the error and give a suggested grade, which will save teachers valuable time. This quick process will also allow students to receive feedback faster, empowering them to utilize that feedback to learn and improve.

All of these new tools will still keep the control of feedback and grades completely in the hands of teachers. The AI is a resource to identify errors quickly, provide teachers with fast insight into student understanding, and give teachers suggestions.

"We're really excited about the power of AI to help teachers give more directed, more personalized feedback to students much faster. AI has the potential to significantly change how we educate students for the better, and I'm very optimistic about the possibilities." - Zach Galant, CTO & Co-founder of CodeHS

The new AI Hints Tool is currently in beta and available for educators on CodeHS Pro to opt into. For all other AI tools, Pro educators can join the waitlist to get early access.

To learn more about the new CodeHS AI features and join the beta, visit

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