News | October 26, 2022

CodeMonkey Partners With Nagase Brothers Inc To Bring Its Award-Winning Coding Curriculum Across Japan

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) - CodeMonkey’s coding courses for kids are bringing their educational curriculum to Japan’s largest network of schools. CodeMonkey takes this important step in partnering with Nagase Brothers, a company that impacts the education of millions of students across Japan in their Toshin network of schools. This is a game changer in the Japanese educational system.

Starting immediately this fall 2022, CodeMonkey’s coding curriculum will be available to students that have not yet had the opportunity to learn coding in Japanese schools. The benefits of learning to code extend far beyond coding but improve children’s problem-solving, critical thinking skills, increase creativity, and so much more. CodeMonkey wants to bring every student across the globe the opportunity to learn to code.

Computer science education is quickly becoming an important subject for schools worldwide. CodeMonkey coding courses teach block-based programming all the way up to the more advanced Python programming language. These courses are literally the building blocks for a future in some of the most in-demand jobs today. The courses are designed to make it easy for students and teachers of all backgrounds, to master the fundamental concepts of coding.

"After providing top quality Computer Science education to tens of millions of children globally since 2014, we have learned that the most efficient way for us to do so is by partnering with nationally leading education providers in each country. We are excited and humbled by the opportunity to scale up CodeMonkey's impact in Japan through our new partnership with a top education giant such as the Nagase Brothers."

  • Jonathan Schor, CEO of CodeMonkey

About CodeMonkey CodeMonkey is a leading coding for kids program. Through its award-winning courses, millions of students learn how to code in real programming languages. CodeMonkey offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for schools, after-school clubs and camps as well as self-paced online courses to learn coding at home.

About Nagase Brothers Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1976 (Akiyuki Nagase, President and CEO, Musashino City, Tokyo), Nagase develops Japan's largest private education network. They work to develop the best programming resources for their students. Leaders in the junior high school examination world, Nagase Brothers spear-headed the Toshin High School and the Satellite Preparatory School.

Toshin High School is known for its world-renowned teachers and cutting-edge school curriculums. Toshin High School is the umbrella organization that brings Japanese students young and old, "Toshin High School Junior High School", "Toshin Junior High School NET, "Toshin Children's English School, "Toshin Business School", "Toshin Digital University", and "Toshin Online School".

Nagase's educational network continues to evolve, bringing the best educational resources to the growing needs of Japanese students.

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