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Developers Of Ultimate Vocabulary™ Support The New Strategy In US Schools To Help English Language Learners Succeed Academically

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A new strategy has been announced by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education of Massachusetts that aims at helping English language learners succeed academically. Ultimate Vocabulary™ and parent company eReflect embraced this initiative and called for other states to follow.

New York, NY (PRWEB) - In an ongoing effort to promote English vocabulary improvement, software company eReflect recently shared information about a program called RETELL, Rethinking Equity and Teaching for English Language Learners. As the developers of e-learning product Ultimate Vocabulary noted, it is hoped that the learning needs of English language learners (ELLs) will be taken care of in ways that will boost the ELL’s future academic goals using this program. The RETELL initiative is a wide-ranging strategy that aims to overhaul the way English language learners are taught English. The first component of the RETELL strategy consists of the SEI endorsement qualification. This involves courses for ELLs instructors on the best, most up to date practices and methodologies for teaching English to non-English speaking students. The teachers participating in these courses will end up qualified as SEI instructors and then will be able to implement that knowledge in classroom settings across the nation.

The RETELL program, Ultimate Vocabulary™ noted, doesn’t only focus on the expertise and knowledge of English teachers. The software developers revealed that in order to reinforce the teacher’s endeavors to give ELLs equal academic opportunities, the program also sees that instruction standards are thoroughly examined, assessed, and restructured in order to optimize the efforts of English language learners to academically succeed.

A third component of the RETELL program deals with the creation of local clubs/communities where the practices and obstacles of structured English immersion (SEI) will be discussed by teachers, administrators and other education experts. Ultimate Vocabulary™ suggested that this constitutes a significant development in ensuring that SEI helps English language learners to more quickly and smoothly become accommodated in their English-speaking environment.

All three sections of the RETELL program have been thoroughly discussed before implementation, and the strategy is an across-the board plan that covers all aspects of what constitutes English language learning, from teaching vocabulary to practicing listening skills. This strategy is promising and eReflect sincerely hopes that all English language learners will soon benefit from an English teaching program aimed at helping them succeed academically.

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