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Disaster Recovery For Education Without Breaking The Bank

Many schools today facing shrinking budgets but increasing requirements to protect their data in the event of system outages, network failures or natural disasters. Disaster recovery (DR) does not have to be difficult or expensive.

SANRAD ®, a leader in open iSCSI SAN solutions, has helped many educational institutions, such as the University of Denver, overcome the challenges in deploying a disaster recovery solution while fitting easily into their IT budget and VMware environment.

Learn how you can easily implement a proven cost-effective disaster recovery solution, including easy integration with your server virtualization project.

Get valuable tips and DR best practices at our April 29th on-demand webcast with Steve Duplessie, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Dave DuPont, CEO SANRAD, and Mikal Haney, IT Manager for NorthWest Regional Data Center.

SANRAD's intelligent V-Switches™ with integrated storage management and virtualization software deliver key benefits to simplify disaster recovery, ensure business continuity, and reduce costs including:

  • Enterprise-class disaster recovery using any storage. Leverage your existing storage or choose any new storage to meet your cost and performance needs.
  • No need to purchase proprietary storage hardware, expensive replication software, or costly server licenses.
  • Comprehensive DR including synchronous or asynchronous data replication for local, cross-campus and remote sites.
  • Easy, live data backup and migration with no disruption to the business.
  • Easy management of all storage and disaster recovery from a single centralized graphical user interface to simplify operations and optimize resources.

Don't wait for a disaster to strike to learn how you can protect your business now.

Visit us at www.sanrad.com. You can also get DR consultation advice from a SANRAD expert by clicking here.

We look forward to sharing best practices on how to simplify operations, reduce costs, and maximize your ROI on disaster recovery.