News | April 30, 2024

Elevate K-12 Announces Summer School LIVE For 2024 To Help Schools Complement Their Students' Continued Learning

Students can elevate their summer learning experience with the support of a certified LIVE teacher.

Chicago, IL /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Elevate K-12, the leading provider of LIVE teaching to students in classrooms across the nation, has expanded to offer remarkable teaching all year with Summer School LIVE, offering a reprieve to district teachers and providing needed support to deserving students.

Contrary to more traditional summer school models that recruit local educators to conduct class sessions throughout the summer, Summer School LIVE broadens the image of what summer school can be. Used as a complement, supplement or replacement to traditional summer school, Summer School LIVE enables districts to expand their offering without calling back their regular teachers.

"The summer break can be a valuable time for students' continued learning and growth, but schools can struggle to properly staff needed programs," said Shaily Baranwal, Elevate K-12's Founder and CEO. "Summer School LIVE provides additional resources for students seeking reinforcement and readiness, acceleration, enrichment, test prep and exploration of personal interests, without taxing limited district resources."

Remedial education is an important part of Elevate K-12's Summer School LIVE offering, but there are many other courses offered as well. Summer School LIVE offers specialized classes that encourage students to explore their unique interests, including ACT and SAT preparation, Coding, American Sign Language, World Languages, Personal Finance, Cyber Security and more.

"We did not want to stop at remedial education," Baranwal said. "Reinforcement throughout the summer can prevent learning loss that can happen after a student has a sizable break from school, and acceleration sessions engage students who are ready to get ahead."

With thousands of certified teachers, Elevate K-12 makes it easier for school districts to bring engaging, remarkable teaching to districts nationwide, both during the school year and beyond.

About Elevate K-12
Elevate K-12 is a Chicago-based instructional services company that brings remarkable live-streamed teaching to K-12 classrooms. Schools and districts partner with Elevate K-12 to solve their teacher shortage challenges and provide effective and engaging instruction to their students. Its tech-enabled service was built for K-12 education and is powered by certified, qualified teachers using state-aligned curricula. Elevate K-12 is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S., providing equity in education nationwide. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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