Ensure Optimum Equipment Uptime With System Service Reliance Plans

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To ensure optimum equipment uptime and regulatory compliance while mitigating risks, MilliporeSigma has developed System Service Reliance Plans; a complete range of services for your systems and equipment. These comprehensive service and support packages allow you to select a coverage level that best fit your needs

  • Essential Reliance Plan: includes a selection of preventive maintenance and troubleshooting services
  • Advanced Reliance Plan: provides higher coverage, with faster response time and priority access to remote and on-site support
  • Total Reliance Plan: guarantees the highest level of protection for your equipment and our fastest reaction time

All services are performed by MilliporeSigma’s global experts who have intimate knowledge of the equipment, backed by decades of experience.

The System Service Reliance Plans include the following services and support solutions:

  • Remote Connection
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit
  • Certified Spare Parts
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Spare Parts Advisory Service
  • Asset Tagging Solution
  • Smart Glasses