News | April 26, 2018

Hazel Crest Elementary Students Connect With A Spanish Teacher Virtually

Hazel Crest, IL (PRWEB) - Hazel Crest School District 152½ announces a partnership with Proximity Learning Inc. to use virtual teachers to expand their world language program to include elementary students. Hazel Crest has always focused on creating academic opportunities for their students. As studies have shown starting a world language in elementary school has many benefits and implications for achievement in Reading and Math in addition to language acquisition. Administrators began their search for certified Spanish teachers in Illinois and were confronted with a serious problem, a lack of certified Spanish teachers applying for the position.

Understanding that a quality education depends upon access to a master teacher not a software program they were determined to find a teacher. Filling instructional vacancies via Virtual Instruction for K-12 education in the Chicago area was a contemporary trend shown by bordering districts. In the search for Spanish teachers, Hazel Crest explored virtual instruction options and encountered Proximity Learning, a top rated virtual K-12 instructional solution. PLI offered certified world language instructors and boasted historical academic success for students.

“Proximity Learning has been very helpful in working with us to make sure they are giving us quality staff. It has been a benefit to us as a district where we are provided quality instruction for our kids that’s cost effective. Said Dr. Sheila Harrison-Williams, Superintendent of Schools. “I would say to other school districts to keep an open mind and be flexible. It’s about giving your kids what’s best for them and looking at all avenues to do that.”

After three months, a study was done showing the overwhelming success of the program. The teacher’s dynamic style of teaching made the virtual classroom setting exciting and students’ level of engagement soared.

“We have seen so many studies report on how important it is to start kids young when language acquisition begins. Said Evan Erdberg, CEO of Proximity Learning Inc. “Having a partnership with a district focused on building a strong education foundation so their students can succeed as they grow is exciting.

About Hazel Crest Public School District: A fresh new district serving the communities of East Hazel Crest, areas of Markham, areas of Hazel Crest, and a section of South Harvey, Hazel Crest School District services over 1,100 students at the Barack H. Obama Learning Academy and Jesse C. White Learning Academy. These two schools focus on the maximization of achievement and growth for each individual. Hazel Crest follows a spirit of innovation and evidence-based learning techniques. Website

About Proximity Learning:
Proximity Learning Inc. is a virtual staffing company facilitating teaching faculty to students ranging from kindergarten to high school. Proximity Learning has served over 150 school districts and delivers instruction to over 30,000 students annually, with numbers growing. Proximity Learning has been rated as one of the top K-12 Virtual Staffers in the nation, proclaiming highly qualified teachers, the most innovative virtual classrooms, and the reputation as a flexible learning solution for both public and private school districts. Learn More.


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