News | January 22, 2020

InfoReady's K-12 Diversity-Focused Engagement Hub Launches After Successful University Of Michigan Test Implementation

InfoReady Corporation, a leading provider of workflow software to higher education, today announced a new solution for reaching out to K-12 students and families.

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) - InfoReady Corporation, a leading provider of workflow software to higher education, today announced a new solution for reaching out to K-12 students and families. The company's Engagement Hub platform now promotes youth outreach programs and then enrolls K-12 students in them, a valuable solution for parents, institutions, and statewide K-12 educators. The solution can be used for summer camps and for programs ongoing during the school year.

Following a two-year implementation branded as the University of Michigan’s Youth Hub, part of its Center for Educational Outreach (CEO), Engagement Hub’s graphic tiles allow site visitors to immediately see the full range of opportunities, click on learn more buttons, and instantly take action via registration and enrollment.

Marissa Rivas Taylor, MSI, CEO’s Program Manager of Communication & Technology and Youth Hub Lead, relates that community organizations have responded to the Youth Hub as a “game changer,” and she’s particularly impressed with its ability to engage and attract diverse and underserved students to relevant University programs. CEO also encourages their students to attend college at any institution, and Youth Hub supports that mission by introducing students to possibilities outside of their awareness. Taylor has been further impressed with how the Engagement Hub has dramatically enhanced the efforts of educational outreach opportunities on the part of Michigan’s faculty, staff, and students – leading to both more involvement among individuals and programs and more internal financial support. For Marissa, the bottom line is that “Youth Hub allows for a deeper cross-campus, and even statewide, dialogue about precollege programs and using the data we now have access to (i.e. regional student impact, cross-discipline interests, user behavioral interactions) we can make more confident strategic decisions regarding program growth, development, and marketing.”

To learn more about Engagement Hub for K-12 outreach, or in other college and university applications, please visit or call (734) 929-0010.

About InfoReady Corporation
InfoReady helps universities to be cohesive, vibrant, competitive and engaging communities. It achieves this through a software platform transforming higher education. Its interface, embedded in any university's website, allows faculty, staff, students and alumni to slide tiles to explore opportunities. Behind the scenes, it is a flexible, easy and powerful workflow engine automating laborious processes all over campus. It helps administration to accept, review and select research grant proposals. It signs up undergrads for classes and experiences matching their interests, helping them to stay in school. It reaches out to underserved youth populations, ensuring a diverse student body in the future. Used by over a hundred leading universities worldwide, InfoReady is unlocking a vibrant future for higher education.

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