News | September 3, 2020

IntraLogic Solutions Introduces TEMPE, A Cost-Effective Non-Contact Temperature Scanning System For The Safe Opening Of Schools

Thousands of TEMPE Units Have Been Sold and are Federal CARES Act Eligible Because They Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19 and Other Diseases

Massapequa, NY (PRWEB) - In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure students, teachers and staff can safely return to schools and classrooms across the United States, IntraLogic Solutions, a leading national school security technology developer, has added TEMPE to its technology product line. TEMPE is a non-contact, wall-mounted scanning thermometer that rapidly checks body temperatures. When a level exceeds a set limit, an alarm will sound alerting staff and teachers. TEMPE is cost-effective and eliminates the expense for a thermal camera or costly temperature-taking devices. TEMPE takes an individual’s temperature from either their forehead or wrist. Often, units are mounted on walls or in doorways where staff and students quickly run their wrist by the sensor. A video demonstrating how the device works can be found on the TEMPE website:

“At IntraLogic Solutions, we are experts in identifying and providing to schools technology that will meet their ever-changing needs. When it became clear that schools across the United States needed technology that would allow them to quickly identify if students or staff members have a fever, we found a cost-effective solution in TEMPE. This high-quality technology is expandable in the future as well as easy-to-use and install,” said Lee Mandel, CEO of IntraLogic Solutions.

As schools across the United States open for the 2020-2021 academic year, many will have in-person classes on campuses and in classrooms. Due to ongoing health concerns about COVID-19 and the flu, health screenings have now become essential and mandatory in order to enter a school or a campus building. TEMPE is eligible for Federal funding assistance under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. To help cover the purchase of TEMPE devices, IntraLogic Solutions is offering assistance to school districts and other institutions in navigating the CARES Act grant application process.

TEMPE is accurate and takes only one second to perform its measurement, allowing the scanning of approximately 50 people per minute. This eliminates bottlenecks and crowding at school and classroom entrance points during the school day such as morning drop-off for the beginning of class. TEMPE can also be used on school buses and outside at school sporting events.

With TEMPE, schools now have technology that allows them to efficiently and effectively monitor the health status of students, teachers, staff and vendors, taking a proactive step that will help keep schools open and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Schools that have already opened for the 2020-2021 school year and are using TEMPE have been pleased with the results and its usefulness in its monitoring of the health of students, staff and visitors to campuses.

For over 15 years, IntraLogic Solutions has been offering comprehensive school security technology solutions. Its state-of-the-art suite of products and services are focused on protecting and enhancing the health and safety of students, teachers, staff and facilities.

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