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Irvine's Woodbury Elementary Leads Way In Optimized Teaching And Learning Outcomes Using FrontRow Classroom Technology

In light of National Teacher's Day, the school serves as a role model for learning institutions across the US. The technology is saving teachers' voices, increasing their energy, and allowing for dynamic lesson planning, including classroom flipping. Student participation and comprehension are also on the rise.

Irvine, CA /PRNewswire/ - In light of National Teacher's Day, Woodbury Elementary School in Irvine serves as a role model for learning institutions across the US.

"Students succeed at Woodbury," says Woodbury Principal Alan Battenfield. "It is due to our common vision, highly skilled staff, 'state of the art' instructional materials and equipment, and commitment to providing students with an environment that encourages ethical behavior that we move towards achieving our mission."

Dedicated to that objective, Woodbury chose FrontRow Juno to support their instructional goals. The classroom audio and lesson capture solution includes teacher microphones, student microphones, and a one-step lesson capture feature that turns multi-media lessons into MP4 files students and parents can review after school.

The Juno system ensures that the teacher's voice is understandable throughout the room, while student microphones encourage participation and confidence.

Laura Ostrum, a Woodbury sixth grade teacher, was surprised to discover there had been great sound disparities in her classroom; she saw a difference in student engagement once she began to use her FrontRow Juno teacher microphone. "I didn't realize how much they couldn't hear, especially the students that were by the air conditioner unit," she said.

Alexa Alamo, who teaches second grade, says that a day without her microphone completely shifts her teaching. "The microphone is absolutely incredible. If one day it's out of battery, I have a completely different day." And with regards to the student microphones, she shares that they "really help students be a lot more confident."

Fourth grade teacher Donna Willis equates the lesson capture feature to having a private tutor. "If a child is absent and I make the notes available, it's like they were there that day; they've missed nothing. I record every lesson the day before they are about to do it, they do it as their homework, and the next day it's practice," shares Willis.

"Woodbury's results reflect the power of our solution and fuel our efforts to help schools everywhere," says FrontRow CEO Jens Holstebro. "Better comprehension, building confidence, instant lesson replays, building outcomes—Juno is helping transform the modern classroom into a more successful space for learning."


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