News | June 20, 2002 and The MBA Exchange® introduce "cradle-to-MBA" education services

Two top providers of education-oriented offerings, and The MBA Exchange, Ltd., launched an alliance today that will benefit families and their children, from infants to young professionals. (KDM) is one of the nation's leading sources of quality education products and services for families. The MBA Exchange ( is the premier consulting resource for applicants to top business schools worldwide. They have joined forces to expand the work/life benefits offered by KDM-member companies, organizations, associations and schools to the families that depend on them.

Leslie Minkus, president and CEO of KidsDadsMoms said, "We are delighted to be associated with The MBA Exchange. Promoting their services to our members provides an expanded set of capabilities. Our vision is to build brighter kids from the cradle, to college and now to business school. We are advising our members about this added service now available to them at a discounted price."

"At KidsDadsMoms," noted Minkus, "we help prepare children for bright futures that will include attending the most selective colleges and grad schools. By helping kids gain the earliest possible competitive edge, they will be better positioned for admissions and scholarships. A small investment in compatibly matched, educational tools today translates into a brighter future for each child in our program."

KidsDadsMoms helps children to learn and develop. The company enables parents and teachers to discover the individual learning preferences of children through their patented, on-line Preferred Instruction Process. KidsDadsMoms then matches those individual preferences with appropriate, hands-on learning and developmental products that help each child enjoy the experience cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.

Daniel Bauer, president and managing director of The MBA Exchange added, "We are very proud to launch this alliance with KidsDadsMoms. The many families that trust them to help their children learn and develop can now turn to The MBA Exchange to help those same children - and their older siblings - to gain future admission to the world's most selective business schools."

The MBA Exchange takes a comprehensive approach to the application process. Consultants are experienced graduates of top business schools including Harvard and Stanford. The firm counsels applicants, ages 18 to 50, on all aspects including credentials assessment, school targeting, application strategy and essay development. With consulting services provided exclusively by MBA graduates of Harvard and other top business schools, over the past six years The MBA Exchange has helped over 80% of its clients to gain admission to ranked MBA programs, typically the top ten schools.

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