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Lakeshore® Awards $15,000 Dream Classroom To Illinois Schoolteacher

Third-Grade Teacher's Winning Essay Earns a Fully Furnished, Flexible Classroom!

Carson, CA /PRNewswire/ - Just in time for the new year, Lakeshore Learning Materials, a leading provider of educational products and services, delivers a brand-new $15,000 classroom to the winner of their Flex-Space Giveaway Contest. Complete with premium selections from Lakeshore's new Flex-Space furniture line, the grand prize comes with everything from mobile desks and tables to balance ball seats, cozy couches and fidget-friendly wobble chairs—as well as a host of the latest teaching materials to meet the needs of an active and vibrant classroom.

After launching the contest last fall, Lakeshore received thousands of essays from teachers around the country—all of whom shared their stories and described how a new Flex-Space classroom would benefit their students. Ultimately, Lakeshore's panel of judges selected third-grade teacher Ms. Ofelia Gonzalez as the grand-prize winner. Gonzalez's powerful story and her need for a new classroom at Shiloh Park Elementary in Zion, IL, inspired Lakeshore to transform her old classroom into a dynamic, flexible space to better support individual learning styles and inspire collaboration, open communication and teamwork.

In her essay, Gonzalez described her lifelong passion for education and her desire to become a teacher since she was just five years old. Today, Gonzalez strives to incorporate daily, hands-on lessons that engage all of her students, using a variety of teaching strategies to support children with a broad range of academic levels and needs. She is thrilled that upgrading to a Flex-Space classroom will allow her to tailor instruction even further—helping each student put their best foot forward, develop self-confidence and become empowered to learn.

"My students' hearts and minds are bright, colorful and flexible, and I'm so excited to finally have a classroom that reflects them," said Gonzalez. "This will be the first flexible classroom in our entire school, and I believe it will make a huge difference in students' engagement and performance. I just can't wait to see what the new year will bring!"

With over 60 years of experience serving the teaching community, Lakeshore understands the challenges educators face in creating an engaging learning environment where every student can shine their brightest. Lakeshore's product developers, who are all former educators, designed this furniture line to give teachers and students a learning space that adapts to their changing needs. Unlike traditional classrooms, where students sit in rows of desks that all face one direction, flexible classrooms offer multiple desk and seating arrangements that can easily reconfigure throughout the day. Flexible seating options—like floor cushions and beanbag chairs—allow students to sit in a way that feels most comfortable to them, while mobile desks and tables can be easily re-arranged for small-group activities, large-group activities and individual learning.

In addition to Flex-Space furniture and hands-on learning materials, Gonzalez also received Lakeshore's exclusive Complete Classrooms® service—which includes complimentary design, delivery, assembly and installation. This meant Gonzalez's classroom was completely set up and ready when students walked in the door at the start of the year.

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