News | November 4, 2019

Laredo Independent School District Announces RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System As Critical Tool To Win Battle With Chronic Absenteeism & Improve District ADA

Richardson, TX (PRWEB) - RaaWee K12 Solutions, an enterprise software company focused on the needs of K12 Education, today announces RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) will support the Laredo Independent School District (LISD) in Laredo, TX as the district maintains and betters their annual goal of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) above 96%.

The yearly goal for LISD is to always stay above a 96% rate. LISD achieved a 95.98% overall ADA for the 2018-2019 school year. LISD has accomplished maintaining ADA within the area of 96%, keeping the district above the 2016-2017 state and region rate of 95.7% as per the last Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) released last year. The ongoing LISD expectation is to continually surpass that threshold.

The core goals of the LISD Administration, Compliance & School Safety Department are to increase daily student attendance; support student academics; increase graduation rates; decrease student credit loss or retention; and, as a result, increase ADA funding. Cindy Mendiola, At-Risk Intervention Coordinator-Attendance notes, “Student records of chronic absenteeism and/or truancy, although available through various reporting systems, has been analyzed manually to determine appropriate interventions. This has proven to be very time-consuming for us and does not provide for efficient implementation of truancy intervention.” Mendiola continues, “We always want to ensure that the hard work done by our staff is supported by the proper tools. RaaWee K12 TDPS will provide our staff with an opportunity to better invest their time in the students to identify risk factors that affect daily attendance and academic success.”

Saleem Qazi, CEO of RaaWee K12 Solutions, states, “We are pleased to support the dedicated team at Laredo ISD with the resources and reporting available as part of the RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System. Our comprehensive suite of tools will allow the intelligent analysis of attendance identifying areas for attendance improvement to aid in the recovery of valuable ADA funding and complement their continued efforts against all truancy and chronic absenteeism.”

For more information on the RaaWee K12 Truancy and Dropout Prevention System or Beaumont Unified School District Student Services and its RaaWee K12 TDPS implementation, please contact RaaWee K12 at 972-782-4287 or Cindy Mendiola, Laredo ISD at 956-273-1483.

About RaaWee
RaaWee K12 Solutions has a core mission to ensure that every student with challenges in attending school is identified immediately and is provided access to the school resources quickly, resulting in successful student outcomes. The RaaWee K12 Truancy and Dropout Prevention System is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive collaboration platform to implement attendance improvement strategies. It includes five modules to address the many aspects and stakeholders in the attendance improvement chain: Attendance Intelligence (AI); Collaboration and Interventions (C&I); Preventions; Interventions App; and Court Documentation Management.

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