News | February 27, 2019

MassiveU Answers K12 District Need For SEL Teacher Training With PD Micro Course

Naples, FL /PRNewswire/ - To solve the growing need in K12 schools for social emotional learning (SEL) training, MassiveU, a digital learning company focused on project-based social learning, has released "Intro to SEL", an asynchronous micro course introducing teachers to the foundations of this skill-building development framework.

The one-hour digital course offers teachers a launching point on the importance of modeling, teaching, and reinforcing SEL skills in the classroom, skills seen by education leaders as crucial amid the growing concern around the mental health and wellness of today's middle and high school students. As teachers examine the impact of these all-important skills as they relate to success in school, career, and life, they can apply SEL best practices and strategies to their own teaching practice.

"School districts and communities are exponentially prioritizing their dedication to the social emotional needs of students, and 'Intro to SEL' offers their teachers a quick and engaging digital course to complement that commitment," said MassiveU Director of Learning Andrew Claassen. "SEL programs not only help students set and achieve positive goals, understand and manage emotions, build empathy, forge relationships, and make responsible decisions, but studies show they have a positive effect on academic achievement, so it's an exciting opportunity for everyone involved."

"Intro to SEL", available via select MassiveU partners and at no cost for a limited time, tees up additional, long-form PD courses supporting social emotional learning.

About MassiveU
Founded in 2013, MassiveU is a B2B project-based social learning, platform-as-a-service company. The company features innovative educational technology which converts traditional curricula into transformative 21st Century learning experiences for teachers, students, and professionals. MassiveU works with the world's leading publishers and partners as their digital differentiator.

Source: MassiveU, Inc.

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