Company Profile | November 28, 2000

Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc.

Source: Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc.
Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc. Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc. is located in Wilton, Iowa, 30 miles west of Davenport on Interstate 80. We have a modern facility with 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space, computerized order entry tracking system, and a first rate knowledgeable staff to assist you.

Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc. is a world class manufacturer of Micro-Mesh, a unique cushioned abrasive cloth, liquids, and related products. Micro-Mesh, since its development 30 years ago, has been continually improved and now has applications in the fine finishing of all types of materials such as: acrylics, metal, wood, solid surface counter tops and painted surfaces, just to name a few. Originally developed for use in the airline industry on acrylics and windows it remains the product of choice for scratch removal, and is military approved.

In the 1980's, Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc. developed the TufBuf polishing pad to compliment our Micro-Mesh products. TufBufs are made with natural lambs wool and have a hook/loop backing. Our pads are currently used in over 35 auto plants across the United States. Used in conjunction with our quality polishing compounds, haze and swirl are eliminated. Recently, we designed the 1 3/8" Micro-Mesh disc to be used in conjunction with the TufBuf pad to remove paint defects on the manufacturing line in auto plants. The same products are used in fascia plants to remove small defects on the surfaces of parts prior to shipping to the auto plants for final assembly. New applications for these products are developing daily, with assistance from our in house applications lab.

Another major product line involves fingernail buffers and a full line of handi-files. These not only are an excellent sales products, but also make excellent promotional items.

Micro-Surface offers a full line of abrasive products including rolls, sheets, discs, and belts. We can custom make the material to fit an individual application.