News | October 1, 2021

MTX Group Launches mavQ AI Integrated Solution For Schools Amidst Pandemic

"Safe at School" Solution Designed for K-12, Universities & All Learning Environments

Frisco, TX /PRNewswire/ - MTX Group Inc (MTX), a premier global technology consulting firm, announced the launch of its Safe at School solution that enables schools to provide a safe and secure workspace for students and educators in the classroom amidst the pandemic. The solution includes detection of fraudulent test results and vaccination records, daily wellness surveys, a supervisor dashboard, mass notifications and many more key features. Powered by the Maverick Quantum (mavQ) Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, the Safe at School Solution is currently being used by The Albany Academy in New York, with other University, K-12 and Trade Institutions acting quickly to implement a solution to keep students safe. With the Safe at School solution, administrations can now ensure that all required safety guidelines are in place, and are able to validate the authenticity of vaccination cards and COVID-19 test results.

MTX is committed to enhancing the lives of student's safety around the globe by developing this technology that will allow school administrators the ability to identify, record, and report if students or faculty test positive for COVID-19.

Benefits for School Administrators:

  • Allows more time to focus on teaching, learning, and promoting positive student outcomes and less time with the COVID-19 tracking process.
  • Detects fraudulent immunization cards and COVID-19 test results using mavQ AI to increase the safety of students and teachers.
  • Ability to access critical information with dashboards and analytics.
  • Customizable with branding, specific student events and classrooms.
  • Safe and secure data with HIPAA Compliance.
  • Mass notifications to the local County Health Department of positive COVID-19 tests and parents of any exposure.
  • Integrated with leading K-12 education management software to avoid duplicate data entry for attendance.

Benefits for Employees:

  • Feeling safe at work.
  • Serving students knowing their school has implemented an efficient system to limit spread in their school setting.
  • Easy to use and submit test results or proof of vaccinations.

Benefits for Parents and Students:

  • Easy to use online proof of vaccination and test results.
  • Slows the spread of COVID-19 and limits the number of students that need to be quarantined by quickly identifying attendance, vaccination status, and students that may have been in contact with a student exhibiting symptoms or a positive test.
  • Keeps students in school and participating in extracurricular activities, emphasizing social and emotional development and academic progress.
  • Allows a sense of security and safety to know their school has taken the time to create a thoughtful covid management system.

"MTX and mavQ's Safe at School solution offers safety and security for students, teachers and anyone entering school campuses," says mavQ Co-Founder and COO Vamshi Vaddiraja. "As a parent of school-age kids, I find it particularly rewarding that we at mavQ have been able to reduce the hassle put on school administrators to collect and report student and faculty data and act fast when an outbreak occurs."

MTX's Founder & CEO Das Nobel went on to say, "As a father whose children attended Albany Academy in New York, the importance of implementing our Safe at School solution hit home. MTX has created a solution that allows us to quickly provide safety to schools such as Albany Academy. In addition, we want to empower campuses to leverage technology like this so they can focus on what matters most - educating the youth of tomorrow. At MTX, we are committed to giving back and providing organizations with the necessary strategies, tools, and resources to improve outcomes around happiness, health, and economics."

MTX continues to be a trusted partner to many communities across the nation through the COVID-19 pandemic by providing emergency response management solutions that address the various effects of the disease. Offering solutions for health monitoring, disease surveillance, unemployment insurance claims, emergency childcare, isolation services for higher education, and vaccination management, MTX partners with organizations to rapidly modernize with outcomes in mind. The MTX vaccine management platform has helped three of the country's biggest cities – New York, Chicago, and Houston – and states across the country like Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

"I am amazed at what they accomplished in such a short time frame," says The Albany Academies Head of School, Chris Lauricella. "The MTX team truly listened to our needs, helped us frame the reporting problems that we needed to solve, and worked closely with us to create a solution that will work for us and all schools facing the same issues. We believe the mavQ platform will help make our school safer by providing a single source of validated information and automate our tracking and communication processes."

About MTX Group Inc.
MTX Group Inc. is a global technology consulting firm powered by the Maverick Quantum (mavQ) Artificial Intelligence platform that enables organizations to modernize through digital transformation and strategy. With data as the new currency, MTX helps organizations transform their long-term strategy with outcomes in mind around happiness, health, and economy. MTX improves decision-making for organizations with speed and quality by leveraging the mavQ AI platform and partnering with other leading cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce.

Source: MTX Group Inc.

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