News | September 6, 2023

Munetrix Acquires K-12 Education Technology Innovator, Eidex

Novi, MI /PRNewswire/ - Munetrix, a leading performance analytics platform that consolidates siloed K-12 data into actionable insights, announced today the acquisition of Eidex, a pioneer in the K-12 data visualization space. This strategic move is aligned with Munetrix's vision to expand its capabilities by transforming data into actionable intelligence. By merging with Eidex, Munetrix is poised to deliver a more expansive and innovative suite of solutions, strengthening its support for educators nationwide.

"Eidex has a history of success in providing a robust data solution for K-12 educators. The decision to acquire Eidex aligns with our commitment to be a driving force of innovation in K-12 performance analytics," said Ginny Norton, Munetrix CEO. "We are thrilled to combine our resources to deliver unparalleled impact to our customers, further supporting the academic journey of students and educators alike."

On the acquisition, Eidex CEO, Dr. Doug LaFleur, commented, "Teaming up with Munetrix allows us to scale K-12 data analytics across the country, providing education leaders with powerful tools to improve their school's performance. I look forward to working together to make our shared mission a reality."

The union of Munetrix and Eidex will offer a number of advantages:

  • Expanded Product Portfolio: Customers now have a broader spectrum of state-of-the-art solutions tailored to address their unique needs.
  • Accelerated Innovation: The merger leverages the combined knowledge of both firms, ensuring deeper insights into developing new innovations while supporting client needs and delivering superior service.
  • Increased Reach: The collaboration broadens the customer base across Michigan, fostering enhanced collaborative opportunities and knowledge-sharing among districts.

Additionally, Dr. Doug LaFleur will be joining the Munetrix leadership team. Recognized for his strategic acumen and visionary leadership, his addition to the team signifies Munetrix's continued dedication to innovation and excellence in education.

About Munetrix:
Built by a team of educators and data scientists, the Munetrix data-as-a-service platform combines disparate District/School data with publicly available K-12 data to provide real-time, actionable insights on academic, operational, and fiscal performance to support improvements in student achievement and district outcomes.

About Eidex:
Eidex is a K-12 data analytics firm devoted to its mission of supporting school leaders in using data to help students succeed. Founded in 2012, Eidex has grown to position itself as a leader in K-12 data analytics across the state.

Source: Munetrix

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