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New AI-Led Bullying And Vaping Detection Sensor Enhances School Safety

 Transforms school health and safety with advanced AI-driven surveillance to protect the mental and physical well-being of students. More use case information is now available in a new Claro Enterprise Solutions eBook.

Miramar, FL /PRNewswire/ - Building on the robust platform's successful track record of security enhancements with schools, Claro Enterprise Solutions announced the launch of its latest AI Video Analytics sensor that helps detect bullying and vaping on campus. As a part of its mission to build safer and smarter communities, Claro Enterprise Solutions has leveraged advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision to deliver an innovative solution that better protects student health and safety.

The prevalence of vaping among students poses significant health risks, including nicotine addiction, respiratory issues, and exposure to harmful chemicals. Moreover, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 6 million students aged 12-18 reported being bullied during the school year. AI Video Analytics directly addresses these pervasive issues, aiming to mitigate the severe psychological, emotional, and physical consequences for affected students.

An academic institution that already integrated this technology into their existing surveillance system has seen significant improvement in the health and safety of their campus. Their administrators are empowered with the tools necessary to proactively intervene in situations, when needed, allowing for more effective monitoring to protect students and maintain a safe environment for learning and development.

Advanced Detection for Safer School Environments
The new AI-led sensor capabilities automatically identify multiple threats such as vaping activity, aggressive or threatening sounds potentially related to physical violence, as well as device tampering to prevent vandalism.

The algorithm in Claro Enterprise Solutions' AI Video Analytics new feature set analyzes patterns and behaviors that may otherwise go unnoticed and delivers a user-friendly interface that can seamlessly integrate with existing surveillance infrastructures. This innovative data-driven approach provides real-time alerts to campus security teams when a disturbance or abnormality is identified to help implement targeted interventions and develop policies to improve student safety.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Motion Sensor: Detects movement within the monitored area.
  • Sound Sensor: Measures frequency, decibel levels, and sound patterns to identify potential acts of aggression.
  • Vape & Smoke Sensor: An internal airflow system capable of detecting a wide range of vape and smoke-related activities.
  • Protective Filter and Sensors: Shields against unwanted particles, detects tampering with an accelerometer, and alerts security personnel with a proximity sensor to prevent unauthorized handling.
  • LED Indicator: Displays operational status for easy monitoring.

Enhanced Safety Standards to Build Smarter, Safer Communities
With AI Video Analytics, Claro Enterprise Solutions aims to improve health and safety standards by proactively addressing bullying and vaping incidents on campus. Statistics show a concerning frequency of vaping and bullying among students, highlighting the immediate need for proactive measures. By leveraging real-time alerts and rapidly identifying potential vaping and bullying incidents, schools can drastically reduce response times allowing them to foster an environment where students feel protected, supported, and empowered to thrive academically.

Claro Enterprise Solutions will attend and provide live demos of AI Video Analytics at the upcoming National School Safety Conference in Orlando, Florida, from July 29, 2024, to August 2, 2024, and will attend the National Student Safety and Security Conference in New York City from July 17, 2024, to July 19, 2024.

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