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New Educational Tool Helps Increase Math Engagement Among K-5 Students

Unruly Studios launches new technology to improve math outcomes and enable active play

  • Developers invent technology that increases math engagement in students K-5.
  • Technology reinforces math concepts while promoting movement in the classroom.
  • Previous similar technologies did not offer active play, social learning, or group play, making Unruly Math a more robust tool.

Boston, MA /PRNewswire/ - In an effort to improve test scores, software developers have created Unruly Math. This new K-5 program reinforces foundational math skills through active, experiential group play.

"While working with thousands of teachers with our coding experience, we were getting asked more and more for engaging math games to add to the mix. Teachers from our community were building their own math games that we were thrilled to share with others and they were growing popular! We could tell this was a growing need for our school partners, so we listened and got to work building an entire app focused on the math engagement and standards-aligned student practice they were craving," said Bryanne Leeming, Founder and CEO of Unruly Studios. "We're excited to unleash this new tool and build authentic excitement for math class."

Unruly Math is the only supplemental math tool that supports students in building social and emotional learning with kinesthetic, group play.

The new educational tool launched today (Jan.23) from Unruly Studios.

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Unruly Math distinguishes itself from other tools with its innovative approach to learning. The program leverages Unruly Splats to infuse kinesthetic practice into an existing curriculum. It's structured to reinforce core math concepts throughout the academic year. By engaging students in hands-on math experiences, Unruly Math fosters a strong STEM identity, inspiring future mathletes, engineers, and problem solvers.

A recent survey of educators revealed that 80% agree that Unruly Math improved their students' overall math outcomes. Unruly Math also reduces screen time, encourages confidence building, and sparks a peer-to-peer dialogue. It uses standards-aligned activities to guarantee a seamless integration into a school's existing curriculum.

"It is a differentiated learning tool because you can … give kids different levels within the Splats. So, just because you're teaching, let's say, a three-digit by two-digit multiplication, and you have kids that don't know two-digit by one-digit, they can focus on that on Splats versus … the two-digit by three-digit," said Vanese Shaw, a teacher at the Clayton County School District.

With 80 standards-aligned activities, Unruly Math serves as a dynamic supplemental math tool, offering shared learning experiences that are both engaging and joyful.

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About Unruly Math
Unruly Math is a K-5 math program that reinforces foundational math skills through active, experiential group play. Complete with a scope and sequence for 80 standards-aligned activities for grades K-5, Unruly Math can be used as a supplemental tool to provide chances to practice math in a real-world and collaborative environment.

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About Unruly Studios
Unruly Studios enables students to learn critical STEM skills through active, social recess-style play. Unruly Studios' vision is to build ridiculously fun learning tools that empower teachers to incorporate STEM into any classroom. The team is made up of experts in cognitive science, toy manufacturing, education, and technology who bring broad industry experience from Scratch, Hasbro, Mattel, Nickelodeon, iRobot, Disney, and MIT Media Lab.

Source: Unruly Studios

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