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Parents Can Now Ease Test Anxiety For Both Their Children And Themselves



New York, NY, USA /PRNewswire/ - With more children taking school admission, gifted and talented, and other achievement tests for limited spots in school programs, parents are looking for ways to help their kids do well. A new solution is coming from the national educational company Aristotle Circle, which has created a new Enrichment and Learning Kit for children between the ages of four and ten. The kit, consisting of books and educational toys, promotes learning through play and teaches patterning skills, sorting and classification, visual-spatial reasoning, vocabulary, memory, reasoning and creative problem solving. The kit is ideal for families who want to prepare their children for testing in a fun and interactive way.

"It's fun and challenging for kids," said Kim Har, PhD in childhood education and Aristotle Circle Director of Early Childhood Education. "Parents can use this kit to help their child prepare for a gifted and talented admissions exam or simply as a way to enrich their child's primary learning experiences. It will arm the children with the skill set they need to do well in the tests, while also easing some of the parents' anxieties about the tests."

The kit was developed by an Aristotle Circle expert team, including educators and learning specialists, led by Dr. Har. The comprehensive and engaging workbook is based on the core skills required for a number of K-5 admissions tests. In addition to the traditional workbook, it has toy-like sorting chips, counting rods and puzzle pieces to make it one of the most play-based prep kits available on the market. The included workbooks guide parents in selecting the activities appropriate for their child's age and abilities "The Enrichment and Learning Kit serves as a wonderful general resource for families and can be used at any time of the year, including summer vacations," said Dr. Kim Har.

The Enrichment and Learning Kit helps prepare children for the following tests:

  • Stanford-Binet 5
  • Raven's Matrices
  • Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT-2)
  • Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
  • Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC II)
  • Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT II)

The Enrichment and Learning kit can be purchased at for $299.

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