Company Profile | December 20, 2000

Richard Alan Productions

Source: Richard Alan Productions
Richard Alan Productions The Teddy Bear Band inspires movement, imagination and fun for children, families, and your bear. The band greets their audience with, "You're in the Show"! Soon children & parents find themselves on a musical journey, going on imaginary rides, playing games, performing "Bear-Robics" & more. This upbeat musical show is for a young audience but is one that adults love to attend with their kids and grandkids. (BYOTB - Bring Your Own Teddy Bear!)

The Teddy Bear Band members include an Early Childhood Family Education professional for Minneapolis Public Schools along with a group of full time professional musician/parents. Back in 1985 they put together a benefit show for an early childhood program. Band members have combined their talents to perform, record, and create concepts for television, film and multimedia. Teddy Bear Band's cornerstone is developmentally appropriate music. This means children are encouraged to participate! "TBB" tunes include traditional children's music interpretations along with many original selectons. Teddy Bear Band performs about 350 shows annually, touring with 3-5 musicians and their costumed friend "Panda".