News | March 5, 2018

Schoolrunner Announces Integration With Google Classroom!

Teachers can now sync assessments from Google Classroom into their electronic Schoolrunner gradebook with just a few clicks.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) - Schoolrunner, the only education management platform that unites insights around academics and culture within one intuitive platform, now integrates with Google Classroom. This new Schoolrunner feature is set to benefit the 15 million students in the United States who currently use Google Classroom, eliminating the need for teachers to double-enter grades into their gradebooks, and thereby freeing up educators to focus on what matters most.

With this new integration, teachers who assign quizzes, homeworks, and essays in Google Classroom can:

  • Feed those assessment results directly into their Schoolrunner electronic gradebook with just a few clicks
  • Instantly place assessments into the appropriate grading category and link them to common core or other standards
  • Immediately synchronize updates from their Google Classroom account into Schoolrunner
  • Watch this video to see it in action:

Schoolrunner partner Maurice Thomas, Founder & Executive Director of Milwaukee Excellence Charter School, stated "Schoolrunner saves us a ton of time by doing the hard work for us, making sense of all the numbers surrounding academics and behavior, so that we can spend time with our students doing things we love." With this new integration, Schoolrunner will save even more time for educators, as well as intuitively helping them categorize and analyze their assessment results so that they can better drive student achievement.

About Schoolrunner:
Schoolrunner ( currently serves tens of thousands students across 12 states. It is the only data analysis tool that shows the whole story of student success, uniting insights around academics and behavior within one intuitive and integrated system. With access to grades, attendance, behavior, communication logs, discipline, and more within one intuitive system, teachers, administrators, kids and families can instantly assess what’s working and what’s not — and plan more powerfully for the very next day. Find us on twitter (@Schoolrunner), follow us on Facebook (, and link up with us on LinkedIn (!


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