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SmartPass Launches School Schedule Capabilities To Boost Positive Student Outcomes In K-12

New York, NY /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - SmartPass, the leading digital hall pass solution for K–12 schools, has announced an update to its Schedules capabilities, enabling schools to gain a comprehensive view of student locations throughout the building. This new update furthers SmartPass's commitment to helping educators maximize instructional time, reduce logistical tasks like pass creation, and enhance safety—ultimately improving student outcomes.

The new Schedules capabilities enable school administrators to integrate school bell schedules and class rosters directly into the SmartPass platform. This allows schools with even the most complex schedules to get a full view of student activities and school operations in the building.

SmartPass supports all types of school schedules, such as

  • Rotating schedules
  • Block schedules
  • Letter day schedules

Before Schedules, SmartPass customers only knew where a student was if they had an active pass. Now, their bell schedules and classes will show up in SmartPass, giving educators more visibility than ever of what's happening in their schools.

Peter Luba, CEO of SmartPass, emphasized the importance of customer feedback in developing this feature: "One of our guiding principles at SmartPass is to only create products and features that our customers want, not what we think they need. Customer requests drove this most recent update, and we're proud to deliver a solution that enhances visibility and safety in schools."

Key Benefits for Schools

  • Student Visibility: Educators and staff can instantly know where each student is supposed to be according to their schedule.
  • Early Intervention for Positive Student Outcomes: By knowing students' locations, schools can quickly intervene when students consistently miss class or engage in unsafe behavior.
  • Privacy Protection: SmartPass does not track student locations or use GPS. It is compliant with FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, SDPC, NY 2-D, and SOPPA.

With the Schedules update, front office staff can search for any student, see their current class, any active pass, and send a pass request to the student—a faster and less disruptive way to get students where they need to be.

Teachers can have their current class roster on their home screen, allowing them to quickly create passes.

Jenny Karr, Technology Integration Specialist with the Manhattan-Ogden School District shares how SmartPass is making things easier for both students and teachers. "The schedules feature in SmartPass has been a game-changer for our school. It seamlessly integrates our bell schedule into the pass creation process, making it incredibly easy for teachers and staff to create passes at specific points of the day. This has increased our efficiency and reduced the time spent on administrative tasks."

Karr continues, "The ability to have class rosters pre-populated based on the time of day has been incredibly helpful. It ensures accuracy and reduces errors in pass creation. Teachers and staff can trust that the right students are being accounted for and can focus on their core responsibilities."

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