News | October 13, 2020

South San Antonio Independent School District implements RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System To Support Powerful ‘We Are Family' Attendance Efforts

Richardson, TX (PRWEB) - RaaWee K12 Solutions, an enterprise software company focused on the needs of K12 Education, today announces RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) will provide a powerful platform to South San Antonio Independent School District in San Antonio, TX as they fulfill their mission to actively reach into the community and directly into the homes in support of their families.

South San Antonio ISD is committed to the creed “We Are Family”. RaaWee K12 Truancy and Dropout Prevention System will provide SSAISD with the platform that supports them in these critical efforts. “We are excited to have a system that easily identifies cause and trends, allowing our team rapid response and more time to fully and personally engage with families in their communities and homes”, notes Gilbert Cavazos, Truancy Coordinator.

The goals of South San Antonio ISD are to increase attendance across the district by one-half a percent. This involves engagement across all school sites and special emphasis on improvements for South San Antonio High School. With RaaWee K12 TDPS, student attendance and interventions are tracked efficiently, root causes of attendance issues are identified more quickly, and team members are engaged directly with families in solving challenges in a more timely fashion to best respond to our students’ needs.

Saleem Qazi, CEO of RaaWee K12 Solutions, states, “It is our passion and pleasure at RaaWee K12 to support South San Antonio Independent School District as they reach into the homes of each at-risk student. Our Truancy & Dropout Prevention System provides them with a suite of powerful tools and resources to meet their student attendance goals.”

For more information on the RaaWee K12 Truancy and Dropout Prevention System or South San Antonio ISD and its RaaWee K12 TDPS implementation, please contact RaaWee K12 at 972-782-4287 or Gilbert Cavazos at South San Antonio ISD at 210-977-7380.

About RaaWee
RaaWee K12 Solutions has a core mission to ensure that every student with challenges in attending school is identified immediately and is provided access to the school resources quickly, resulting in successful student outcomes. The RaaWee K12 Truancy and Dropout Prevention System is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive collaboration platform to implement attendance improvement strategies. It includes five modules to address the many aspects and stakeholders in the attendance improvement chain: Attendance Intelligence (AI); Collaboration and Interventions (C&I); Preventions; Interventions App; and Court Documentation Management.

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