News | March 8, 2007

Strategic Name Development Partners With Harcourt Assessment To Develop Learnia Classroom Tool

Minneapolis, MN - Harcourt Assessment's new Learnia classroom assessment tool was named by Strategic Name Development, Inc., a brand name consultancy that develops product names, company names, taglines and conducts brand name research with its proprietary Name DNA Validation methodology.

The Learnia product was created to offer educators measurable indicators of student progress in order to ensure that each individual student receives the instruction needed. Learnia includes two components; Class Views takes individual state standards into account to measure progress, while Class Links targets specific trouble areas for students.

Harcourt Assessment worked with Strategic Name Development to develop a product name that was edgy, energetic and positive, while at the same time technology-driven and easy to pronounce.

"In an industry dominated by clinical names with little marketing appeal, Strategic Name Development partnered with us to create a new brand name, Learnia, that appeals to our customers while clearly illustrating the core function of the product," said Terry Turner, Senior Vice President of Sales, Harcourt Assessment.

"We enjoyed the challenge of being a part of naming a Harcourt Assessment product line that will assist teachers in helping 3rd to 8th graders be more successful in school," said William Lozito, President, Strategic Name Development.

Learnia gives educators the ability to evaluate student's performance and weak areas prior to testing. The product is complemented by Harcourt Assessment's hands-on support, a variety of reports to choose from and an online option for test administration.

SOURCE: Harcourt Assessment, Inc.