News | May 11, 2021

Studies Weekly Announces New Hands-On K-5 Science Curriculum

Studies Weekly developed a new standards-based K-5 science curriculum designed to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators.

Orem, UT (PRWEB) - Studies Weekly recently introduced a new standards-based core K-5 science curriculum designed to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators.

Studies Weekly education specialists took research from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) to make a new, engaging, and age-appropriate framework, according to science curriculum director Dusti Street. Each unit includes grade-level lexiled articles and guiding questions that encourage exploring phenomena and learning science concepts through hands-on instruction.

“When children discover phenomena themselves, they know why something happens and can easily recall what they've learned,” Street said.

Students will also benefit from having their core science curriculum in such a unique paper periodical format. Each unit comes as a newspaper with colorful illustrations that help them visualize abstract concepts. Using one periodical at a time also improves students’ self-confidence, according to chief science curriculum architect Clayton Chamberlain.

“When students see one of our periodicals, they think, ‘I can do this,’ and that is worth its weight in gold,” Chamberlain said.

Chamberlain and Street explained that the lesson plans, graphic organizers, and activities meet national and state standards so the curriculum is very teacher-friendly.

“When I was an elementary school teacher, I had to unpack all of those standards and create lessons,” Street said. “With Studies Weekly’s science curriculum, teachers can just use it. The lesson plans are mapped out, and the materials are easy to find.”

Teachers will also have time to cover more content thanks to ELA, math, social studies, and social-emotional learning integrations.

Through Studies Weekly Online, teachers can engage their students any time, anywhere, with quality videos, images, and other media content.

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Studies Weekly, a curriculum company based in Utah, has been educating elementary students since 1984. Studies Weekly’s curriculum is uniquely presented in a printed periodical format that pairs with an interactive online learning platform. The company offers award-winning K-6 social studies, science, and well-being curriculum, adopted by state boards of education across the nation.

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