Company Profile | December 20, 2000

The Calamari Group

Source: The Calamari Group, LLC
The Calamari Group The Calamari Group, LLC is a diverse group of companies with a focus on the publishing industry. Our wide range of services and products includes:, an online retail site, offering discounted prices to consumers.
    Corporate, schools, library discount also available.
    Disc-Us Books, Inc., a full-service publisher, with reseller discounts available.
    PRT Software, Inc., the developer of the Emersa*Plus e-book viewer/browser.
    Matrixbooks, offset printing, print on demand and distribution facility.

Management has over thirty years in the book business and is at the forefront of the POD and Ebook phenomenon changing publishing as we know it.

Contact: The Calamari Group, LLC at Info or phone 800-787-9993 or write The Calamari Group, LLC, 4010 Sawyer Court, Sarasota, FL 34233

Our divisions and affiliate companies:

Our focus is on the Arts!

Art, Literature and Music.
You won't find auctions or refrigerators here — not unless the refrigerator is an integral part of an art piece!

    Art: Find orginals as well as lithographs and prints.
    Books: Every category of books and the list grows daily. You will also find various formats, including Audio Books, Bound books (soft and hardcover) and Ebooks.
    Music: A day without music is unthinkable! You'll find various categories of music on CD and cassette.

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PRT Software, Inc.:

Ebooks in the form of CD-roms or secure downloads will soon be available on featuring emersa*plus™ — a FREE e-book viewer/browser that enhances your reading experience. Emersa*plus™ is not another costly appliance you have to purchase. It works on an appliance you already own — your desktop or laptop. Emersa*plus™ is presently formatted for all IBM compliant, Windows based PC's. Sorry Mac lovers, but we're working to include you in the near future. Emersa*plus™ also allows you to build your own electronic library. Each purchase of an ebook in Emersa*plus™ is added to your list of library titles automatically.

Here are just a few of the features you receive with emersa*plus™: READER/WEB VIEWER, ELECTRONIC BOOKMARK, MARGINALIA, GRAPHICS LIBRARY, MEDIA LIBRARY, AUDIO & VIDEO CAPABILITIES. There are tons of features in Emersa*plus™ that you will love. We think of Emersa*plus™ as the Rolls Royce of electronic reading. And don't forget, Emersa*plus™ is FREE with every one of our e-books.

Emersa* is presently under construction. For information on Emersa*plus, licensing, etc. contact The Calamari Group, LLC. at Disc-Us books


Offset printing or Print-on-demand, plus conversion to ebook formats.

A small press print house and service bureau using todays technology to print both small runs, both in POD(print-on-demand) and offset as well as large print runs using standard printing methods.

Matrixbooks also converts titles into the standard OEB format for electronic books as well as the newer emerging formats like emersa*plus's .dis format.

Print-on-demand paperback books in a variety of sizes, from 5 to 500
Offset print service bureau
Scanning of out-of-print books and turning them to digital files for print runs and ebooks
Audio Books - recording and packaging
Title conversion to E-book formats

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