News | June 27, 2022

The Safeguarding Company Introduces ‘Safeguarding' To U.S. Schools And Districts To Support Students' Well-Being

Safeguarding equips educators and adults with the case management tools and expertise needed to manage the diverse obstacles and traumas students face

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) - The Safeguarding Company, a provider of software and training to systemically protect students’ well-being, introduces ‘Safeguarding’ to U.S. schools and districts.

An educational practice established in the U.K. following the tragic death of a young elementary student due to neglect, Safeguarding addresses non-academic barriers to learning, such as an unstable home life, bullying, harassment, mental health and other well-being needs. Today, The Safeguarding Company’s MyConcern platform is used by more than 5,000 schools across the United Kingdom and in 35 countries. Safeguarding helps schools and districts proactively engage, manage and address the challenges, crises and traumas students face.

There is growing concern around students’ mental health and well-being, especially with the stressors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third—37 percent—of high school students reported that they experienced poor mental health during the pandemic. Educators are also feeling the stress of the disruption of the last couple of years as they struggle to re-engage students in learning.

“The pandemic continues to have a tremendous effect on students’ mental health and well-being,” said Martin Baker, CEO of The Safeguarding Company. “While schools and districts are back to in-person learning now and students are on summer break, that doesn’t mean the trauma from losing loved ones and social isolation is going away. By implementing Safeguarding as an educational practice, educators can proactively monitor and address the ongoing challenges students face, ensuring students feel supported and safe in schools.”

The Safeguarding Company’s MyConcern platform makes it simple for educators to record non-academic concerns about students, submit supporting evidence, build collaborative supports, refer to services, track, audit, and keep these records private and secure. MyConcern supports case management by modernizing outdated and ineffective methods like sticky notes, paper files or even informal conversations to track concerns about students. The tool facilitates dialogue and coordination between teachers, administrators and other support providers.

U.S. schools, such as Operation Breakthrough Inc. in Kansas City, recognize the value of Safeguarding as MyConcern users.

“It’s incredibly important we effectively support our students beyond academics,” said Mary Esselman, President and CEO of Operation Breakthrough. “With MyConcern, we’ve created almost an ‘online huddle’ where each adult working with a student can share patterns and trends in the student’s behaviors with others who work with the student, providing a complete view of the student’s mental health and well-being. This is something we could not have done efficiently and effectively before.”

To learn more about The Safeguarding Company, go to or visit The Safeguarding Company team at booth #2342 during the ISTE 2022 conference in New Orleans.

About The Safeguarding Company
The Safeguarding Company provides software and training solutions that support administrators, teachers and staff in implementing Safeguarding practices. These practices increase the well-being of students by reducing the impact of social-emotional and mental health challenges, trauma, abuse and other non-academic concerns. Effective Safeguarding practice enables education leaders to identify problems before they arise, deal with concerns more effectively and build a network of support that protects students. As schools practice Safeguarding, MyConcern is the software tool that administrators, teachers and staff can use to case manage and securely record well-being concerns about students. With Safeguarding, administrators can holistically and collaboratively support a student’s well-being and take preventative action as needed. For more information, visit

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