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Thinkster Math Secures Groundbreaking Second AI Patent For AI-Driven Hyper-Personalization Of Student Learning. Tackles Intellectual Racism And Prejudice Head-On!

Patent Revolutionizes How Tutors & Teachers Teach and How Students Learn, and Eliminates Parent Frustration. Allows democratic access to explainable and trustable AI with proven results.

Kendall Park, NJ /PRNewswire/ - Thinkster Math, a leading AI-driven education technology company, proudly announces the issuance of its second AI patent, cementing its leadership as an innovator among EdTech companies globally.

Key points -

  • The classification of students as above-average, average, and below-average has fostered a form of intellectual racism and prejudice—an outdated mindset that Thinkster's AI patent is poised to disrupt fundamentally.
  • Parents, Teachers, Tutors want an AI system that will help their students learn and guarantee learning outcomes.
  • Multiple studies and feedback from parents and teachers point to concerns about AI's ability to make students think and learn.
  • Parents are concerned that the use of AI tools by their children to learn, without the help of teachers or tutors in the loop, will not work.
  • Teachers in schools and districts want to adopt AI to enhance their abilities to teach students but have concerns about trusting AI recommendations.
  • Thinkster's patents addresses all of the above challenges.

The patent, "Intelligent and contextual system for test management", issued by USPTO with patent number US11928984B2, includes the ability to determine projected confidence scores for student performance on new test items, comparing that with the actual score, and then categorizing the user into a particular learning state.

The AI patent allows Thinkster to further strengthen its mission to organize the global tutoring market, which is about to become $300B by 2030. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign with StartEngine to allow participation from parents, teachers, and everyone motivated by this transformative vision and purpose of Thinkster.

"The bell curve, which assumes some students are naturally superior while others lag behind, perpetuates biases such as intellectual racism and prejudice. At Thinkster, we're pioneering EdTech with groundbreaking AI patents to combat this disparity," said Raj Valli, Founder & CEO of Thinkster Math.

Thinkster's AI system revolutionizes learning by personalizing education for each student.

  • Using sophisticated models, it assesses the student's current knowledge, predicts their learning trajectory, and evaluates their overall learning proficiency.
  • By predicting student confidence and comparing it with actual performance, Thinkster ensures students receive precisely calibrated challenges.
  • This data-driven approach identifies each student's learning state, offering tailored recommendations that minimize frustration and boost confidence, ultimately transforming the learning experience.

Rupa Gurumurthy, COO of Thinkster, emphasized, "Our second patent significantly boosts the AI Learning Lab's capabilities. By integrating educators and engineers, our lab merges Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) experiences with AI, empowering teachers and tutors with personalized insights for each student."

About Thinkster Math:
Thinkster, headquartered in New Jersey, leads the world in AI-driven math tutoring from kindergarten through high school. We deliver highly personalized, high-impact tutoring that guarantees auditable results for consumers and K-12 schools and districts.

Thinkster is revolutionizing the tutoring industry, akin to how the taxi market was transformed, by organizing and enhancing the learning experience. Learn more about our crowdfunding campaign here.

Recognized by prominent media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, Thinkster serves thousands of students across 30+ countries, boasting a strong customer retention rate.

Our patented AI-powered platform accelerates knowledge through personalized, adaptive, and transparent learning experiences across K-12 education, higher ed, and corporate learning environments.

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