News | June 5, 2024

UC System High School Online Learning Provider UC Scout Releases Free Teaching In The Digital Classroom Series For Educators

Santa Clara, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) - Scout from the University of California (UC Scout) today announced the launch of Teaching in the Digital Classroom (TDC), a free professional development series designed for educators interested in developing or improving their online teaching skills. Propelled by the 2020 pandemic’s sudden and complete shift to online learning, educators of all experience levels have sought to enhance their instructional practices in the e-learning environment. The National Center for Education Statistics recently noted that the majority of teachers (82 percent) do not feel sufficiently trained in how to use technology for teaching, and UC Scout’s new series provides educators a free, asynchronous option to further develop their knowledge and skills.

Enrollment for the two-course series begins June 2024 and educators can sign up on a rolling basis at any point in the year. The series is self-paced and provides accessible and flexible learning opportunities for educators anywhere, anytime.

“Amidst the rapid transition to online and hybrid education, K-12 schools and educators are embracing digital tools like never before,” UC Scout Instructional Design Supervisor Sara Dolan said. “Yet, many teachers find themselves navigating this new terrain with minimal specialized training. Recognizing this critical gap, the Teaching in the Digital Classroom (TDC) series will empower educators to fully embrace the power of online teaching with new skills and resources.”

The TDC series consists of two courses: “Thriving in the Digital Age” and “Mastering the Art of Online Instruction.” Both courses are available online asynchronously and are designed for secondary and post-secondary teachers looking to build their digital literacy skills while learning about emerging trends in online education.

A completion badge and certificate will be issued upon completion of each course, which can be shared with teachers’ school, district or employer.

Registration is open now available here.

In addition to TDC, educators can take advantage of UC Scout’s other course offerings–including their newest course offering, Introduction to Ethnic Studies–as resources for classroom teaching. For California public school educators and districts, these courses can be incorporated into the classroom instruction or district curriculum at no cost.

To learn more about free resources available through UC Scout, visit

About UC Scout
UC Scout is a University of California Student Academic Preparation and Educational Partnerships (SAPEP) program that develops and delivers A-G approved online classes and curricula to students around the globe. UC Scout is hosted at UC Santa Cruz and is closely aligned with UCSC’s core values and principles of community.

For over two decades, UC Scout has provided high-quality, standards-aligned courses and curricula for California’s teachers and students. Through UC Scout’s Plus plan, California public schools and teachers have access to free instructional resources that can supplement or support in-person, hybrid or entirely virtual instruction.

UC Scout provides high-quality A-G and AP® curricula and courses for students in need, with an emphasis on advancing the academic success of California’s educationally underserved students. Teachers and schools may use UC Scout resources to supplement or support in-person, hybrid or entirely virtual instruction, and is available at no cost to California public schools.

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