News | October 16, 2019

Victory Christian School Becomes The First Primary School In Oklahoma To Provide A Real-Time, Integrated Nutrition Platform To Their Student Athletes

Partnership formed to maximize the athletic performance of student athletes through optimized nutrition and body composition.

Sioux Falls, SD /PRNewswire/ - Victory Christian School, a Tulsa, Oklahoma K3-12 private school has partnered with LifeBase Solutions to become the first primary school in Oklahoma to provide a real-time, integrated nutrition platform to their student athletes to maximize development, performance and recovery.

"We all know the importance of proper nutrition and hydration to improve performance on the field and in the classroom but we needed a turn-key solution that was easy to use for both the coach and the athlete," said Victory Christian Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Chad Case. "We chose LifeBase because it simplifies the job of a nutrition coach, allowing us to manage, track and communicate with all of our athletes in real-time, for every meal, every day."

Comprised of four (4) main components: a coaching command center dashboard, medical-grade bio-impedance body composition measurement device, machine learning auto-mated coaching and a consumer macro exchange tracker app, the LifeBase platform automates and simplifies the process of nutrition coaching and enables consumers to make informed decisions about their health, learn how foods impact their body and improve their body composition by maximizing fat loss and muscle gain.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota based LifeBase Solutions CEO Jon Petersen said Victory Christian School is an ideal partner for the company. "We built our platform to solve the problems of both nutrition coaches and their clients. Coaches want to simplify the process of coaching and maximize their clients results and clients want to either look better, feel better or perform better. We enable both by optimizing client body composition through proper nutrition, providing automated coaching via our app and incorporating a closed feedback loop of body composition data."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that not only is adequate hydration and eating a healthy breakfast associated with improved cognitive function in students, but that schools are in a unique position to provide students with opportunities to learn about and practice healthy eating behaviors.

"The CDC's research is conclusive on the benefits of proper nutrition," said Joey Boyens, LifeBase Business Development Director," and it is clear that by partnering with LifeBase, Victory Christian School has chosen to put their student athletes in the best possible position to achieve athletic, academic and life success."

About LifeBase Solutions
LifeBase Solutions LLC, DBA LifeBase is an innovative nutrition software platform that was designed to simplify and automate the nutrition coaching process for nutrition professionals as well as improve health outcomes for their clients. Founded in 2019 and based in Sioux Falls, SD, LifeBase empowers nutrition coaches to help individuals and athletes achieve the best versions of themselves, regardless of their nutritional and fitness starting point. Visit to learn more.

About Victory Christian School
Victory Christian School is a fully accredited, K3-12 private school located in Tulsa, OK. Founded in 1979 by Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty and his wife, Victory Christian School provides over $4 Million yearly in college scholarships, is nationally recognized in the Arts and has achieved Championship Athletics. Discover more at

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