WebEyeAlert Launches The Next Generation Of Digital Video Security

Source: WebEyeAlert, Inc.

New Biscom Division Offers Real-Time Web-Based Digital Video Monitoring and Event Detection/Notification

Chelmsford, MA (Oct. 24, 2001) – Biscom, Inc. (www.biscom.com) today announced WebEyeAlert, Inc. (www.webeyealert.com), a new corporate division focused on delivering unique software solutions and services to the video surveillance and CCTV marketplaces. The new division's family of security products includes Camera Control Software, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Software, DVR Software Plus and Web Software. The products allow users to view live video of their facilities via the Web, detect and digitally record events and notify the user if an intrusion occurs.

The WebEyeAlert Camera Control Software was developed with open architecture to provide easy integration with virtually any existing CCTV system, allowing users to capitalize on previous security system investments, including both analog and digital cameras and cabling. Once integrated into a CCTV system, the Camera Control Software lets the user define motion detection options, customize the method by which they are notified of an intrusion (WAP, PDA, phone, fax, pager or e-mail), and schedule camera activation time and live video viewing options.

Complementing the Camera Control Software, WebEyeAlert's Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Software turns any PC server unit into a digital video recording device that will store events for weeks, depending on storage capabilities. The DVR Software has the ability to simultaneously record continuous live video feeds from multiple cameras or simply record live video when motion is detected. The WebEyeAlert DVR Software Plus combines the Camera Control Software with the capabilities of the traditional DVR Software, giving users the ability to export real-time video via the Internet to an unlimited number of remote viewers.

Through the WebEyeAlert Web Software, users are able to access their secure Web-based account on www.webeyealert.com, from which they can control user login and password, security, viewer permissions, video clip storage and search functions. Users can also select parameters for Palm wireless viewing, remote PTZ control and multiple camera selection.

"Electronic security systems are nothing new; however in the last five years American industry has invested billions of dollars developing computer infrastructure components such as LANs, PCs, servers, the Internet, the World Wide Web, increased storage capacity, faster transmission speed, and support software," said S.K Ho, founder and CEO of Biscom and WebEyeAlert. "These investments open the door for more sophisticated security systems, incorporating advances in digital technology, image detection, capture, storage, retrieval, transmission and recognition, as well as other parameters such as sound, smoke, fire, water, gas, etc. We are positioning our product for use in schools, warehouses, airports, office buildings, and other locations requiring robust and cost-effective electronic security systems."

"Our engineering expertise in imaging and communications technologies -- strengthened by our fifteen years of supporting Fortune 500 enterprises in mission-critical operations -- enabled us to develop a strong video communications platform that is well suited for the security market," states Chris MacKenzie, co-founder of WebEyeAlert.

Among the first users of WebEyeAlert is a school system in Londonderry, New Hampshire. According to Chuck Zappala, Director of Facilities at the Londonderry School District, "We chose WebEyeAlert over 13 proposed conventional security solutions because of its team's technological expertise, and because the company provided an expandable security solution, ongoing support, and the ability to meet our specific needs. We have had great success with the WebEyeAlert software, which allows us to consistently monitor and record activity both in and outside of the high school at all times. We've eliminated internal school vandalism, bomb threats and reduced the number of false alarms. Moving forward we plan to expand our use of the WebEyeAlert technology to accompany additional areas of the school."

For further information, call 978-367-3527 to arrange a product demonstration or visit www.webeyealert.com.

About WebEyeAlert

WebEyeAlert is a division of Biscom, Inc. (www.biscom.com). Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, Biscom is widely recognized for its pioneering advances in image communications technologies and has been providing Fortune 500 enterprises with FAXCOM's family of award-winning products and services since 1986.