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  1. Growing Number Of Districts Turning To 6–8 Math Authored By Illustrative Mathematics As Their Core Curriculum For Middle School Mathematics

    In little over a year, Illustrative Mathematics (IM), the author and developer of high-quality core mathematics curricula and professional learning resources, has reached an impressive milestone

  2. Continuity Of Care Helps Children Build Skills That Support Success In School

    Recent data using the BRIGANCE developmental screen, a widely used norm-referenced assessment tool, show that children who attend KinderCare Education (KCE) programs are developmentally ahead of their peers after just one year in the program

  3. Carolina Biological Supply Company Announces California Adopted New School Science Teaching Materials

    Leading school science supplier Carolina Biological announced that California selected its science curriculum for adoption as one of 29 approved new teaching materials for the state’s science classrooms

  4. National Science Teachers Association Advocates For High-Quality Elementary Science Education In New Position Statement

    The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the world’s largest association of science educators, has issued a position statement underscoring the importance of a high-quality science education for our nation’s 30 million elementary students

  5. California State Board Of Education Adopts STEMscopes CA NGSS 3D For K-8 Science

    Accelerate Learning recently announces that the California State Board of Education has named STEMscopes CA NGSS 3D an approved curriculum for California science classrooms

  6. Vancouver School District And City Of Vancouver Launch FuturePLAY, A STEAM Program With BroadbandTV

    Recently, the Vancouver School District and City of Vancouver announce in collaboration with BroadbandTV (BBTV) the launch of FuturePLAY - a sustainable and scalable educational program aimed at fostering digital and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Design, and Mathematics) literacy in grades four to seven students

  7. South Carolina School District Converts To Boxlight Interactive Teaching Technologies

    As part of its respective initiative to transform current classrooms into powerful, technology-rich learning environments, South Carolina leaders in Beaufort County School District have announced plans to partner with Boxlight Corporation (“Boxlight”) in outfitting hundreds of classrooms with the latest interactive education technologies

  8. Nintendo Partners With Institute Of Play To Bring Nintendo Labo To Schools Across U.S.

    Nintendo and the Institute of Play have teamed up to bring Nintendo Labo kits into elementary classrooms nationwide, combining the innovative play of Nintendo Labo with the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) to inspire kids and help make learning fun

  9. The Smithsonian Science Education Center And Public Consulting Group Partner To Offer Professional Learning Courses On The Science Of Teaching Science

    The Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) and Public Consulting Group (PCG), a leading national provider of web-based tools for educators, have partnered to provide online and blended professional learning to support teachers and students in science education

  10. With A Free Trial Of The New Fast ForWord Reading Intervention, K-12 Schools Can Help Their Most Vulnerable Learners Catch Up, Once And For All

    Despite countless educational initiatives and programs, many students continue to fall behind — and stay behind — in reading and language