Latest Headlines

  1. Certica Acquires K-12 Dynamics Analytics Solution

    Certica Solutions, provider of the Certica Connect™ edtech platform-as-a-service (PaaS), today announced that it has acquired the business of Texas-based K-12 Dynamics, Inc., provider of the comprehensive K-12 analytics solution formerly called D3

  2. Britannica LaunchPacks Available To Schools Through Clever Single-Sign-On Solution; Students And Teachers Can Access The Popular Science, Social Studies Sites More Easily

    Britannica® Digital Learning announced today that its popular K-12 classroom products LaunchPacks™: Science and LaunchPacks: Social Studies are now available via the widely used Clever single sign-on solution

  3. Turnitin Feedback Studio Now Integrates With Edsby K-12 Learning Management System For Easier, More Personalized Writing Assessment

    Turnitin, a leading provider of academic integrity and writing solutions, is now available to educators whose school districts have adopted the Edsby digital learning platform

  4. Kernsville Elementary In Pennsylvania Elevates Student And Teacher Achievement Through Key FrontRow EdTech

    As part of a broader commitment to student success, Kernsville Elementary teachers have been using advanced audio technology in classrooms to maximize student comprehension and achievement since last year

  5. STEMLAB, The New Online Platform By RobotLAB Provides Access To All Robot Apps And Resources In One Location

    RobotLAB Inc., the award-winning educational robotics company launched STEMLAB, an online platform that gathers relevant materials for multiple robots in one place, enabling centralized access for teachers and students

  6. MassiveU Answers K12 District Need For SEL Teacher Training With PD Micro Course

    To solve the growing need in K12 schools for social emotional learning (SEL) training, MassiveU, a digital learning company focused on project-based social learning, has released "Intro to SEL", an asynchronous micro course introducing teachers to the foundations of this skill-building development framework

  7. NELSON And Bibliotech Partner To Improve eTextbook Experience For Canadian Students

    NELSON, Canada's leading educational publisher, announced today it will begin offering its portfolio of world-class learning content by partnering with Bibliotech, an innovative etextbook platform based in London

  8. Montgomery County Public Schools Adopts LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 Math As Its Core Middle School Math Curriculum

    On January 8, 2019, Montgomery County Public Schools announced the adoption of LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 Math as its core math curriculum

  9. Durango School District 9-R Selects itslearning Learning Management System To Deliver Personalized, Competency-Based Learning

    itslearning, the internationally-acclaimed LMS provider, announced today that Durango School District R-9 has selected the itslearning teaching and learning platform to deliver personalized, competency-based learning districtwide

  10. Vernier Software & Technology Launches New Activities To Introduce Students To Coding

    Vernier Software & Technology released two new activity modules to help elementary and middle school students learn about important coding concepts. The new modules, Coding with Codey Rocky: Mission to Mars and Coding with mBot: Life Hacks, introduce problem-solving strategies, nurture creativity, strengthen critical thinking skills, and build students' confidence while helping them learn block-based coding