Product Showcase

  1. Interior Design
    FKP's Interior Design staff has developed a comprehensive set of services to help you meet your specific requirements
  2. Architecture
    FKP offers a wide range of architectural design and planning services
  3. I-Sight® A Way to Understand Yourself and Others!
    Inscape Publlishing's I-Sight® builds self-esteem, reduces conflict, and increases relationship skills by helping learners identify their strongest personal behavioral preferences, gain insight into the behavior of others, and develop strategies to successfully adapt their behavior to the needs of different people and situations.
  4. Focus Point®
    Focus Point® is one of Inscape Publishing's newest DiSC®-based self-assessment tools.
  5. Personal Profile System® 2800 Series
    This Inscape Publishing product is based on the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model, which groups behavioral responses into four dimensions or clusters: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.
  6. digitalbackpack Online Instructional Portal
    digitalbackpack is an online instructional portal that connects administrators, teachers, students and parents and delivers classroom specific content like homework assignments and lesson plans, from teachers directly to students, using any computer connected to the Internet
  7. LINK Carts
    The LINK Cart fits any situation where computer, video and audio equipment needs to be mobile and securely stored...
  8. Tech-Design® technology-education program
    This dynamic program begins with an introductory module to develop students’ technological literacy and ensure their success with technology-specific modules that follow.
  9. DiSC® Relationship Profile
    The DiSC® Relationship Profile is an assessment and learning instrument--a product of Inscape Publishing, Inc.
  10. netTrekker Research Engine
    netTrekker is an academic research engine that revolutionizes the way educators and students use the Internet for school research.