Product Showcase

  1. Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs & Other Ughs
    Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs & Other Ughs
  2. Harloff Model 6735 Instrument & Procedure Cart
    Standard Features: Keylocking cabinet. 3"(7.6cm) swivel stem casters, two with brake. One bottom shelf. One aluminum push handle.
  3. Harloff Model 6145 4 Drawer Standard Value Line Emergency Cart Package with Breakaway Lock
    Standard Features: Tall Cabinet (30 inches / 76.2cm) with stainless steel breakaway locking system. Breakaway lock seals, Pkg-50 (p/n 40088) sold separately.
  4. Stacking Chairs
    Designed to promote correct sitting posture. 16 guage steel black powder paint legs are scratch and dent resistant.
  5. Magnetic Letters & Numbers
    Great for extending beginning lessons in spelling, language, story-telling, math and more. Set includes 36 capitals, 36 lowercase, 20 numbers, 7 math symbols.
  6. Born With A Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story
    In this first of a trilogy, the Universe tells its own life story
  7. World Explorer Kid Carpet
    Explore the oceans and continents of the world on this brightly colored rug designed to teach basic geography.
  8. Roller Coaster Table
    Following the coaster maze is challenging and just plain fun for children practicing eye-hand coordination and color recognition.
  9. Earth and Me - Our Family Tree: Nature's Creatures
    The last in a trilogy of Earth's features and habitats, this
  10. Clear View Crib
    This institutional-quality hardwood crib is designed specifically for infant day care.